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  1. I just replaced the factory clutch on my 2002 ADM S15...at 200,000 Km. Cost a bit more than $750 though. Got mates rates for Exedy HD organic face and solid flywheel (no-one will machine a dual mass flywheel so you may as well replace the factory one) plus fitting (required a new part, can't remember what it was) and all up cost me $1300.
  2. As the title states, does anyone run a set of the CW fender flares on their S15? If so, how do they look? How far out do they come? Can you send me some pics? Thanks Paul
  3. 100 octane - United in East Donny

    Mine is pretty stock and I didn't notice any real difference, at least, not that I could tell.
  4. 100 octane - United in East Donny

    Thay have it at Hastings United as well, only got 460km from a tank versus 520ish on Shell V Power.
  5. Car mounts

    I bought this mount mentioned by RandomguyLite a few years ago. It has held a small video camera on the roof of my car at Bathurst and on closed track doing 140km/h with no worries.
  6. Where to get wide?

    Where do people get bodykits from? I want a wide body kit for my S15. I was looking at genuine Vertex Ridge and also the Carmate GT style wide kit. I have heard queastionable things about Carmate kits, I don't want rubbish but the Vertex are pretty common. Where do people get genuine kits from or are Carmate better than what some people say? Paul

    Followed a blue Spec R out of Russell this afternoon, stuck to the road like it was on rails, pity about the stupid Astra in front of us doing 60 in the 80 zone.
  8. I have tried everything I can think of with firewalls. Tried running ecceptions with Trend Micro and Windows firewal off, uninstalled Trend Micro and run just Windows firewall, Windows firewall with proxy settings for rFactor from the troubleshooting information, even no firewall at all and no luck. I wish I could upgrade to Windows 7 but it's a big cost to go from Vista 64 ultimate to the Windows 7 upgrade. Might try the last resort, scrap everything and go for a fresh install. Now to find all my data I want to keep and save it.
  9. This is a home computer, I am on a 512kb speed plan but because where I live is so povo, I only get max of 100kb every 2 years for 2 minutes at a time. Mostly get around 52kb/sec. I had Trnd Micro running as my IS but took that off and am running the Vista firewall and windows defender. Still no luck. Is there a program or file that I need to get programs to auto connect to the web? I had to re-install my modem driver about a month ago as it just dropped off the system.
  10. Hi gurus, I have a computer running Vista 64 and am having trouble installing games. I am trying to buy/install rFactor but keep getting errors saying I'm not connected to the internet. I tried another game last night that needs internet connection for activation and it gave an error code saying it could not connect to remote server. I can connect to the internet using IE ans Firefox and read all the trouble shooting pages for rFactor. I have configured firewall settings, program exceptions and everything I can find but it still won't work. If I am browsing the web, no problems but if a program needs to access the web, it can't. What could possibly be going on? Any help would be great, I have been trying to get this going for about three weeks now. Cheers Paul
  11. Holy Shit

    Unfortunately, people will not (make that have not) learn anything from this. Driving past the scene, going home from work just two days after this, people are speeding along and I saw two cars run red lights at the intersection. I'm all for people like this removing themselves from the gene pool but please, leave the innocent people behind to laugh at you, don't take them with you.
  12. Canberra Crooks

    Bloody mongrels are in NSW as well. Last Friday night I had my tyre valve caps stolen while parked at the Jerra shops. Seriously man, if you need $5 worth of plastic so badly that you are willing to steal tyre valve caps, come and ask, I'll give you $5 worth of plastic for you to flog at Cash Converters. JUST GIVE ME MY VALVE CAPS BACK!!!!!!
  13. NSW Defect Thread

    Car: 2002 ADM S15 Location of Defect: Jerrabomberra (Queanbeyan) List of Defects: exhaust is apparently illegal for any exhaust mod in NSW except for extractors?????? Reason for being stopped: RBT, something to do. Type of defect Not defected but told I have to change my VIC rego to NSW, change my exhaust back and revert my CAI to factory.
  14. Bodykit repairs

    Can you let us know how the respray goes, I need some small work done myself and QBN would be nice and handy.