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  1. stock subframe bushings?

    Thats bad luck dude. By the look of it, The subframe might have to come out for it to be repaired.
  2. Get an amp meter on the battery terminal and see how much current is being pulled. Slowly pull one fuse at a time out to see if the current draw has stopped. This just a rough way to check as well.
  3. Hey fellas. I've ordered one of those coolent bleeder funnels for my s13 sr20. Long story short, I need to know the radiator cap size as he is going to send it with an adaptor for it. Are caps measured from inside the radiator neck or outside? Or better yet someone have the actual size? Thanks guys!
  4. Sr20det Reving out Issue

    Mine was doing a similar thing. End up being the knock sensor. Worth checking out
  5. Sr20det Reving out Issue

    Does it do this when its cold too?
  6. Hey guys. I want to bypass my knock sensor on my s13 sr20. I'm looking for the harness clip for the sensor. Is it the red 2 cable one as pictured or in the multi cable clip.? Thanks.
  7. Knock knock sensor

    All ready for it! just want to confirm that the red plug is the actual knock sensor. Hate to short something out. Yay Or nay?
  8. Knock knock sensor

    Just stock ecu. Yeah it's dropping the timing and running rich. Haven't sused out the knock sensor yet. I'll test it with a meter first before bypassing it. Just unsure what clip it is. 😊
  9. Hey Fellas, Wanting to replace my s13 coolent sensor but I believe there is two sensors? One for ECU and Gauge? Had a look around in the engine bay and only notice one near the TPS. Someone point me to the right direction for both? I'm more conserned for the ecu one. Thanks
  10. s13 Coolent sensor

    Thats alright, just wanted to know how much of a mess ill make . On topic, I've ordered a sensor from Taarks but different clip type? for s13 sr20det.
  11. s13 Coolent sensor

    Thanks guys! I like that idea, defiantly will try it!
  12. s13 Coolent sensor

    Thanks man, I'll look over it again. Should be easier to spot.. Silly question, but causes Its before the thermostat and cant really drain it to replace. Will it piss out coolent once i remove it?
  13. Show us your s13's solid intake pipe

    Its very sexy! Cheers man
  14. Show us your s13's solid intake pipe

    Wanting something like that done now for mine. Did you use the gktech 3" adapter for t28??
  15. Hey fellas, After countless times jumping my s13. I think Its time for a new battery. What would you recommend for it considering It only gets driven on the weekends. Also spec wise too, as current battery is much smaller then what was on my 1ltr daihatsu lol. Cheers!
  16. Best place to buy nismo 740s?
  17. My Sileighty aka Noah

    I've been waiting for that video!! Love it! Love how loud the spool is! I want one now haha I've made mine out of two 90* silicone pipes. Probably would of been cheaper to get one made up but anyway!
  18. Ryan's S13

    Wow that thing is immac!! Please keep it like that~!
  19. Excess turbo lag on t28bb, why?

    Do you use a Electronic Boost controller? I noticed when I fiddled with the gain settings on mine, it altered how it opened the wastegate. So I've currently made it hold it shut as long as possible and as soon as it hits 10psi it opens completely. Whereas it use to slowly crack open earlier and take longer to build up full boost.
  20. Fantastic build so far, cant wait for updates!
  21. Maybe try an offset muffler .
  22. Make sure your TPS is accurate.. Mine made my car do silly things before I fixed it
  23. My Sileighty aka Noah

    Didnt think the s15 oem injectors could handle that much