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  1. stock s13 grill

    Hey fellas, Interested in a stock s13 grill as shown per pic. No broken or cracked shit. Happy to pick up in sydney or price for postage. Thanks!
  2. Hey fellas, After trying to diagnose why my s13 horn never worked, I've finally found out why. For some reason, the stock s13 steering wheel is not making contact to the little copper knob that's meant to make contact to the rear of the steering wheel metal ring. (If I've explained that well) Its about 1cm short from touching it. I've tried sliding the instruments closer to the wheel but its as far as it can go. I've also try stripping back wire and have the copper brushed against the rear of the wheel, but after a few locked turns it has come off.. Any ideas?? Thanks!
  3. s13 Horn issue

    Plus it only cost me the $2 entry fee
  4. s13 Horn issue

    Thanks for that idea Pmod ! I was actually working at blacktown today I went past and had a look. Managed to take one from a n14 pulsar which looked like it was much longer then the s13 one. If this doesn't work I might use a larger spring.
  5. How my new ps pump looks like. Been good so far. But most likely chew the belt much faster
  6. Modern cars

    saying that, I've notice that the new Rav 4. cx5 and the hyundai 4x4 (what ever its called), look exactly the same. Even same rims!
  7. No some are different. But if you can, make sure you can get the mounts from the new pump as well with it. Mine did bolt up but the pully sticks too far out. (belt sits on the edge of the pully).
  8. Made me laugh guys! Good to know! this current weather has given me the extra power i needed for now!
  9. Slightly Off topic, and random! I roughly the same mods which will be installed just before its tuned. Around 170 kw would I except some easy wheel spin on the old s13 stock rims? Right now it just churps 2nd gear and doesn't really spin. Just curious, what power does would cause the car to become a hand full? (excluding handling mods etc)
  10. Sons of Anarchy

    One more epp fellas. Not sure how its going to end!
  11. They are a pain in the are to take our and swap polarity, I found those Dicksmith tiny $4 screw driver sets help grip onto the back of the globe.
  12. My Sileighty aka Noah

    Glad its all sorted! Hope it stays. I'm keen to get mine nistuned. Whats next on the list?
  13. My Sileighty aka Noah

    Hows it feel to drive now?
  14. Once you install them, just plug the loom back in and turn it on. Obviously you wouldnt start putting all your trim back together until you've tested it. As their is no real way of checking.
  15. RB25 S14 Daily

    Amazing car man
  16. Hey fellas, I have an ipad 2 (one of the old ones). And I want to downgrade from the ios 8 to the old Ios 7.1.1 Ive done something similar millions of times before, but now I keep getting the "Error 3194" message when i try to restore on itunes. I have tried every trick on the book to get it to work (fixing the host files, adding, removing etc) but nothing. Someone has to know what to do!! Thanks
  17. My Sileighty aka Noah

    That intake is sexy! We need a dose vid! haha
  18. My Sileighty aka Noah

    get it up and running yet? Funny, next day after my t28 install i did a powersteering pump!
  19. My Sileighty aka Noah

    wow so clean! so much detail. Glad your going t28
  20. Oil return hose

    I reused the t25 oil pipe (which involved me filing the oil fitting's holes to line up to the t28), and made up the piping from leftover rubber that came with my catchcan set up. Been sweet ever since.
  21. S13 dash button blanks

    Are you talking about this blanking plate? or one for the spot under the hazard lights? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/JDM-NISSAN-SILVIA-S13-180SX-SPEEDO-DASH-CLUSTER-TRIM-/221245529845?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item338342def5 Not mine, but maybe ask if he would part out that blanking plate. If not you can find a "e-at" button and scuff the writing off it and use it as a blank
  22. Nistune expected gains

    In the same boat as you Tim, My s13 is my weekender. I can afford to have it off the road whilst I work on it, but I cant afford to spend a shit load of cash due to its position on my priority list. But I've been collecting parts getting myself ready for a Nistune. Found some 440/480cc injectors and now looking for a AFM. I've done the T28 upgrade. This was the biggest mechanical related job I've done, Even took me a whole month to do! (few set backs and lack of motivation) But after countless DIY articles and lots of swearing its now done. Very happy with it, seems to spool quicker and does feel more quicker then the t25. Without repeating too much what others have said, Try to do it right from the start. I wish I've listen to a lot of people regarding shit with my car and it has cost me money and time fixing it. I say find a nice t28, buy new gaskets, braided line kits and give it a go installing it. Any trouble with it feel free to PM me as there was a few things I came across which wasn't on the internet regarding the install.
  23. If you bridge the sensor together It should throw the sensor in the opposite direction. E.g. from -50*c to +50*c and trick the system into thinking it should cool you down.. This MAY work for you.