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  1. Hey fellas, Looking for a S13 sr20det blacktop Nistune ECU in working order. Happy to pick up around Sydney, Or if located interstate, please send me a price posted to Sydney. Cheers!
  2. S13 R32 GTR brake upgrade

    I've been looking everywhere for a non abs bm44 and cannot find one that fits straight onto the 3 lines
  3. Hey all, Looking for a Mp4/mkv to AVI Converter, As the misses blueray DVD player only accepts AVI files when watching it via usb. Everyone I've tried to download contained a virus and was automatically deleted. (Confirmed it was a virus) Links!? Thanks!
  4. Mp4/mkv to AVI Converters.

    Download doesnt work as well However, After looking into the WDTV players as you mentioned Varvs, its probably a better path to go down. Anything else similar or better then that?
  5. Noise canceling earphones

    Hey fellas, after breaking 3 sets of earphones within a month, I'm here asking you guys what is a decent set of "Noise canceling earphones". I have the stock iphone ones, but they slip out of my ears as I only use them at the gym, and i prefer the noise canceling ones that block of their shitty repetitive music. Honestly dont want to spend more then $40. What do you guys recommend?
  6. Noise canceling earphones

    Yeah Compared to my $30 sony pair that I got from JBHI they sound very similar, Would be very disappointed if I paid the retail price for them. But i like that idea of the earphones you linked Pmod. Maybe when I have some money to throw around, i might invest in a set.
  7. LOL, where on earth are you getting this information? Timing advance is reduce as you increase boost and as you reach max VE. Timing advance is then introduced again after max VE and continues towards redline. You would only reduce spark gap if your spark is blowing out. 0.8mm gap is good for up to 1.5bar of boost with your run of the mill Splitfires (this also highly depends on a number of things and that boost level is just a rough idea). Please whatever you guys do don't go dicking around with the CAS thinking you'll make more power. The only thing you'll do is either smash your ringland or knock the shit out of your motor. Should of meantioned I have no clue when it comes to the ignition side if things lol. But that does clear things up a bit. Thanks
  8. Have to look more into it, at the moment i've been spending all my cash getting it to at least run. But good to know when the times right! Also im curious; Does the timing have to be advanced if im going to raise the boost? or is it better to just have a smaller gap on your spark plugs?
  9. Whilst on the topic of nistunes, anyone in NSW that installs and tunes for a decant price? and how much roughly would i be looking at? s13 sr20det
  10. Noise canceling earphones

    Just for my level of usage, I cant justify spending much more. Thanks for the reply thouhg guys, I end up picking up the "Logitech Ultimate Ears 600vi Noise-Isolating Earphones" as antonio posted, Will give a little review on how they perform when they come!
  11. Hey fellas! Ever since I got my s13, It has always done this. Lets say I try to launch it from start/do a burnout or try to churp 2nd gear the rear wheels hop like crazy, almost like its bouncing off the ground. (how it feels!) Has new BC coils and most visible bushings I see seem to be ok. Car use to be auto. Any help would be great! Thanks!
  12. Ok! Installed the collars yesterday and noticed I already had slip in pineapples? Took them out and installed the metal ones as well as tighten everything else I could see (diff mounts etc) Noticed more vibrations in the car, even at idle, but man Has it tighten the feel of the ride now! Comparing it now, the rear of the car felt sloppy, almost felt like it was delayed when cornering. Defiantly has sharpen the handling, considering I had the pineapples before" Only given it a quick drive, but noticed it has improved the axle hopping when "chirping seconds" and seems to break traction easier now, (rear doesn't squat as much?). As per for burnouts or dumping the clutch it seems to eliminate the tramp on a more 'spirited' dump, but has some tramp if i don't put enough power down. Hopefully this may help someone else experiencing this, I want to try increasing the damper on the rear as someone mentioned, as mine are on the softest they go (BC coils).
  13. Ordered the gktech slip in collars, will report if they help or not.
  14. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Mitsubishi-Mirage-1999-Manual-Low-KM-Aircon-/281402500431?pt=AU_Cars&hash=item4184e5654f&_uhb=1 Mitsubishi Mirage 1999. Manual. Ac. 30/07/2014 Rego Up for sale is my Mitsubishi Mirage. Has been a great little economical car. Has had the following done recently: * New brakes, *New Cv Joints *New Tires *New battery *Just been serviced *Comes with stereo and amplifier. As mentioned, this was a great car for me but it's time for me to pass it on. I bought the car whilst my other car was off the road, but now i cannot afford to run the two. The Interior is in immaculate condition. Car does leak oil and coolent Needs new bonnet hinge. Pain is good except for front left hand guard. Other then the following issues this is a perfect car, just needs some TLC. Any questions please contact me on 0439#070#512# Located in the Bankstown Area, Sydney Pick up only. Serious bids only, No returns, Buyer must pick up the car within 3 days after auction is finish. Otherwise Contact me to be able to leave a deposit immediately. Thank you
  15. I have a tired r200. Was thinking these? http://www.gktech.com/index.php/rear-subframe-slip-in-collars.html Any Worth a try?
  16. Lol! It has pineapple bushings on the subframe. If I give it more power it just hopes higher almost like that video! hmm ill check the diff bushings next
  17. Never once did it with my Na s13 on 18s. Now on my sr20det on shitty stocks it does it, even in the rain, so I can rule out it trying to grip. Can it be diff/tailshalf related? Also what you mean by axi tramp?
  18. Sold

  19. Hey fellas, Noticed my s13 sr20det sometimes when I floor it Kinda dies out. By this i mean when i floor it and it feels so sluggish. Stock boost and boost comes on normal. I have checked over for boost leaks but nothing. Revs arent cutting out and its a constant rev climb. Fresh 98 petrol too. sr20det FMIC T28 3" exhaust with no cat. Any suggestions what it could be or where I should look over? Thanks!
  20. s13 power loss issue?

    Thanks for that mate will have a look tomorrow!
  21. s13 power loss issue?

    I regularly clean my afm (every service) and the O2 has been replaced year ago. I dont have anything to monitor the air fuel. How can I tell if its running lean?
  22. s13 power loss issue?

    Clutch is fine its not slipping if thats what you mean. What would cause knock sensors to do that and what are they? Thanks
  23. 180sx and misc parts

    Pm sent!
  24. My 1993 S13 silvia

    Love it man.