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  1. 180sx for my Ps

    hmm, yeah i always liked S13 (second in mind) if i cant see any 180 non Ts i will get a s13, thanks for all your help
  2. 180sx for my Ps

    ONE last question!! if i get a turbo model is it posible that i can just disconnect the turbo and conected it back up when im off my P`s??? and also if i got the earlyer model like what neil_se said, can i install the Later model 180sx front bumper bar onto it so it Looks normal?
  3. 180sx for my Ps

    thanks guys, but in Sydney Australia, There is hundreds of turboed 180s (seen on www.carpoint.com.au) but i remember seeing one sexy non turbo 180 on that site, that what still makes be want one for my fist, AND PLEASE IF YOU KNOW THE MODEL OF A NON-TURBO 180SX THAT LOOKSS LIKE THE PICTURES ABOVE, PLEASE TELL ME (soz caps )