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  1. The Tradie Roll-call Thread.

    Name: Dave Job title: Timber floor sander & installer Give a brief description of the job: install, sand & polish all types of timber floors both commercial and domestic How did you get into the job?: job agency found the job for me How many years have you been in the job?: 11 years What is the pay like from beginner to your current level?: my first boss used to pay me $200 a week now i average about $1500 - $2000 a week. What was the training like?: f**kin hard yakka (still is) Do you wish you had done a different trade?: maybe If so which one and why: a sparky or something else not as hard on the body but still pays well
  2. STOLEN - Red 180SX - $2000 REWARD

    any meaning to these two posts??
  3. STOLEN - Red 180SX - $2000 REWARD

    Cops have new leads to follow as of today so to try and make it easier for them I'm offering a $2000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest and charges laid on any person involved in the theft of my car. 0411417930
  4. STOLEN - Red 180SX - $2000 REWARD

    the one in the photo next to mine is black. i would love to speak to the owner of this car
  5. STOLEN - Red 180SX - $2000 REWARD

    its in a pretty remote area, not much housing for a few km i cant really answer this on the forum right now a member of NS.com who is local to the area and spotted it while out riding near the the track
  6. STOLEN - Red 180SX - $2000 REWARD

    i went out to the car today get the number plates so i can cash in the rego. I noticed that someone has decided to pinch the intercooler as well, this doesnt bother me too much as its pretty useless to me now and its damaged anyway but i will say this to whoever took it: if i see that intercooler on any car around my area im going to assume that you are the thief that stole my car, i will kick in every panel on your car and i will then kick your f**k.ing head in. this is an absolute promise.
  7. STOLEN - Red 180SX - $2000 REWARD

    also taken from the car was the front bar which looks like this: intercooler piping, k+n air filter, tomei dump pipe and full exhaust, panasonic cd player, sony xplode 6x9's and the bonnet. pretty sure the front coilovers were yellow too now that i think about.
  8. STOLEN - Red 180SX - $2000 REWARD

    thanks boli2
  9. STOLEN - Red 180SX - $2000 REWARD

    no, fire and theft was an extra option. yeah i shouldve had it but at the time i needed cash and the car was off the streets at the time, i then moved house and had to leave the car on the street to make way for other vehicles in the garage. hindsight is a wonderful thing
  10. STOLEN - Red 180SX - $2000 REWARD

    thats what i thought too. they also left the engine fuse box cover next to the battery so maybe they did something there?
  11. STOLEN - Red 180SX - $2000 REWARD

    it had an alarm but the battery had gone flat as i hardly drive it anymore due to having a company car now. After they broke into it they pushed it a block away from my house, tried to start it must've realised it had a flat battery so they took out my battery and got another one, they left my battery on the side of the road. its my fault for not taking more preventative measures but without scum like this in society we wouldn't have to always be on our guard 24/7.
  12. STOLEN - Red 180SX - $2000 REWARD

    no unfortunately. it had a rating 1 policy up until 12 months ago when i downgraded it to 3rd party only as i needed the money to cover bills at the time, i just gotta take the hit. im hoping at least everyone else on the forum can learn from this.
  13. STOLEN - Red 180SX - $2000 REWARD

    it was found out the back of the motorbike track in laverton, off Sayers Road. This silvia was out there too, apparently its been there for a month, my car was next to it. it could be the work of the same thieves so if anyone can help identify it and find the owner it might help.