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  1. Got my Kit's (x2 8000k) on Friday (26th Oct) morning. Kits look great ill post pics as soon as i get some time to take photo's. Installed on an IS200 on the main headlight and the foglights. I too had a delay on my Kits and was beginning to get aggrivated, ordered em on the 24th of sept i believe, but if you can hold out and wait, when you install them on your car the wait is worth it, especially for what zhong is charging. (but still not a valid excuse for being late ) Quick and easy install took less then an hour after some fiddling around , just like replacing a bulb with one or two extra cables running. Also havent secured the ballasts properly due to lack of drill but so far the doublesided tape and some cable ties are doing the job Zhong, great kits just a bad timing on the delay due to customs.
  2. Hey Zhong, Just would like an update on how things are going with HID's? its Wednesday arvo and still no HID's
  3. Money Deposited and PM sent Hope to hear from ya soon, Cheers
  4. Do any of you guys know what size bulbs IS200's are? im interested in knowing if these will fit my car, just not sure the size of the bulb. Cheers edit: opps just read the post up the top lol guess that answers my question.. another question is does the HID kit fit the foggies aswell? or do ppl just recommend to put white halogen globes in the foggies??