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  1. Ebisu Matsuri: What did you buy and how much did it cost?

    Maybe contact PowerVehicles about support for cars purchased elsewhere before you buy one.. This would be the best thing to do..!!
  2. What Australian drifting needs

    And this is why I chose to spend my drift $$$ in Japan.. I read most of it then got over the same shit that has been posted for the last 8 years about AUS drift, Drift Australia, ADGP etc.
  3. Daigo Saito and Formula D Asia coming to OZ with ADGP

    The bank at Calder is about 20degrees steeper than irwindale
  4. S15 Response Turbo

    T518Z is best low mount hands down.. This is why I have 3 in stock at the moment!!
  5. S15 Response Turbo

    I would run a T518Z with the other mods you have... Or GTRS is similar. I have had all of the above mentioned turbo's at some stage and a T518Z is my choice for a Low mount setup!
  6. Got a JZX100 sorted for him.. With HKS 3037 etc..
  7. S15 bottom end

    No need to go to regency for a engine number swap.. Just fill a form out at the local rego office
  8. $50 for a good working second hand unit.. Have a few here

    I have key barrels with keys here from my front cuts I you want one.. Pm me if you do
  10. S13 Silvia vertex kit

    Google Origin Labo S13 Silvia Urban line body kit.. It looks shit IMO but each to their own
  11. S13 Silvia vertex kit

    JMS magill have a Origin Urban Line kit looks nothing like vertex
  12. S13 Silvia vertex kit

    I have brand new side skirts here In Adelaide $250