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  1. These style of lights

    They look like custom made ones. I think they modified the housing and the motor and just put off-the-shelf lights in.
  2. Power Fc Question

    I dont think any powerfc's come with the pins you are talking about! The one I bought only had the powerfc ecu and handcontroller...
  3. You will also need a z32 afm and the bush bearing t28 might not make it to 200rwkw.
  4. Installing DVD player

    Why not try doing it yourself. Its really easy once you know the basics, just search for a guide and buy the necessary tools: screw driver, wire stripper, elec tape, solder iron etc. and you'll be set. Its fun to do it yourself plus much cheaper.
  5. Car Seats

    I got a pair of old CA 180sx seats with rails in northern suburbs Adelaide.
  6. Clutch slipping

    Xtreme heavy duty organic should be plenty sufficient for a daily.
  7. Use 15mm bolt on spacers all round or else it will sit a little sunken.
  8. Spacers

    I've got 17x8 +35 rims up front with 15mm spacers and they sit just slightly out of the guards, so I reckon you should use 20mm bolt on spacers for the fronts.
  9. Also need 180sx window/door seal, price delivered to SA.
  10. DC5 wheel sizes

    I'm planning to get some new rims for my dc5 and I need to know what widths and offsets would sit flush with the guards. Looking at getting 18/19/20inch rims.
  11. getting off defect

    Heres a tip, There's a 99% chance that you will not pass the first time you go through regency so your best bet is to just fix up whatever the cops defected you for and other obvious defects, no cat, too low etc. Then when you go through the first time they will give you a list of the things they want you to fix and you just go from there. No point in fixing other stuff first cos you will still have to come back anyways.
  12. ATR28

    Go the gt2871r, you wont be disappointed! You can get up to around 250rwkw from it with cams+ supporting mods.
  13. Should be stamped on the back of the exhaust housing, around where the dump pipe bolts up.
  14. gt2871

    the standard T28 compressor housing can be machined to suit the GT2871 if u do go down this option u wont need a aftermarket intake pipe and the turbo will look just like a standard turbo could you make one fit low mount on an S13 SR with ABS? Yep mate it fits lowmount just fine. Mines an sr with ABS and had no problem fitting it except for when pulling the turbo and manifold out and when putting it back in- ABS makes it a really tight fit so you gotta unbolt the abs and move it outta the way.