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  1. just wondering if these guys are still open i dropped off a rim about 3 weeks ago and i really need it but ive tried calling a number of times throughout the weeks and visted there shop 3 Saturdays in a row and still no sign ??? can anyone give me some info on them ???? email doesnt work either
  2. anyone have any photos saw a few photographers around snapping away?
  3. Hills Meet #8 - The Reunion Video

    great job have done well...good base to start with now to build bigger and better meets
  4. my point exactly security said to me at the beginning around 8:30 they were going to call the cops...i gave them permission if they saw any stupid behavior...in turn they did and highway showed up simple...at least we got a bit of a chance any ways
  5. was a epic meet security didnt mind us being there until they got the shits when ppl were leaving early and doing skids cause its cool and sort ruined the night but great turnout really didnt think it would be a big turnout
  6. hey guys does any one know any good places to get my new rims painted has they didnt have the option in the colour i wanted. not sure if i should powdercoat them?? im wanting a white colour maybe with some pearl or something a little different to standard white lol
  7. buying coilovers

    how much was that for? if you dont mind me asking.. was brought in japan for $1900 then couple hundred to ship it down well worth it just have to wait a little longer for it
  8. buying coilovers

    just to let you know ive just ordered my set of tein coilovers monoflex from streeter for the same price as bc's
  9. haha same dude my car is a mass 4wd and offset fail on stockers atm who cares lol its not a show and shine or sexspec meets
  10. chugging and no acceleration

    Air Flow meter common problem in your model wrx
  11. Looking for a job!

    if you have done work experience and liked it just do it i say i dont regret doing it just want a different direction in life ie more money lol but it is highly unlikely you will get a apprenticeship in a performance workshop as they require techs that are experienced
  12. pics of duck tail wing 180sx please also condition ??
  13. Looking for a job!

    my suggestion would be try work experience before you commit to 4 years of shit pay, shit work lol
  14. just a quick question do these have anything underneath to stop them moving while driving the car onto them ??? or are they designed to not move ??
  15. yew boy you know im in with the new car also its ok guys that cant make it there will be more in the future im sure