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  1. beep beep beep

    I think the one i had was worse, i purchased a 180sx in Sydney and when you were driving over 108km/h it would chime every 5 seconds. Driving back to the Gold Coast with no sound system and that noise or having to do 105km/h to make it stop was the most infuriating drive of my life
  2. Paranoia

    Paranoid my phone is vibrating or ringing, check mobile, nothing WTF!!!!!! Paranoid who else may have touched this, did they wash their hands, better wash mine just in case!!! Paranoid that im getting snapped checking out that hot chick way to often, oh sh*t she's noticed to, im now a stalker great!!! Paranoid that some f*cking noob is going to step on my new sneaks, some noobs steps on sneaks, punch on's ensue!! Paranoid that hot chick may actually be a guy, not in Thailand, will find out anyway!!! Paranoid about pulling out to late, pregancy test, all clear repeat process!!!! Paranoid about cops....no story just f*cking paranoid their douche bags!!!
  3. FPS Single Player Campaigns...

    Just played Crysis front to back Monday and loved it, first one was more my thing just been in the jungle and all but still deff a top game for SP, actually didnt like the MP to much. Killzone had an awesome single player IMO yeah not as long as they use to be but still epic none the less. Off topic anyone remember trying to do all the hard challenges on Golden Eye N64, now that sh*t took forever!!!!................
  4. Saints Row 3

    To be honest i HATED number 2 but loved number 1, this first one was like San Andreas ( Best game in this catergory ever ) which i really enjoyed and then 2 came out i was psyched set it all up taking time tuning my charecter and then gayness ensued. Sh*tty gameplay and poor acting where as the first one was heapssssssss better and fun to play.
  5. Crysis 2

    I just finished the SP from front to back Monday did anyone else find the enemy AI a little simple..?? I loved the game dont get me wrong it was epic but yeah that would be my only niggle. Also multiplayer isnt to bad but I played Killzone front to back on Tuesday and then jumped on the MP on there and think Killzone is much better MP. Also purchased Homefront recently and the MP on that is better again. I need to stop playing so many games
  6. Homefront

    I want to also know before i get it. To be honest I dont see any difference in movement between COD and this, even when your using the vehicles or drones it remains quite good. The knife however seems to be a little delayed and off for me. I dont know if that me been picky or just been use to that lunge action you get in COD but there is a perk in Homefront that extends knife range and then it plays just like COD. Just an observation and my opinion I honestly think this is a better game more tactics to it rather then just reaction time/kill or death/ run the same route again.
  7. I think prodominantly on Ebay this it true as thats how they are pitched for sale on there and I also read the same in another thread so I would start looking on there at what other people are asking for their's then market it that way on Ebay
  8. Homefront

    I have been red barring every game I have played but still its seems to be quite good where as red barring on COD and you cant hit sh*t which is f*cking frustrating!!! Things will get better after they patch a few times and speed up servers once the gamer base increases hopefully.
  9. Homefront

    Yeah MW2 was sh*te I hated it, got onto B Op's quite enjoyed it deffinately a step forward, then came Homefront which is a very different game to the COD series for sure. Think more Battlefield 2 and MAG to an extent which much better weaponary and drones Yeah I played maybe 30 mins of the campaign and loved it then my cousin called me and said I had about 1 1/2 hours to go hahaha. Oh well the game is worthy as a Online only game anyway.
  10. Homefront

    Thats Homeworld man also a very good game for its time Dave D grab it man highly worth it and even if you not some 1337 Haxor you can do well in it, I think after my 3rd round I had finished 1st and managed a few decent kills. The sniping takes some getting use to and you have to lead your target a little bit, also not every shot whether sniping or not lands where your aiming which is good. Grenades arent overkill either which is good and the guns sound AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! At the moment though servers do take a while to fill but once you have enough players the time between games is quite short unlike Black Op's which spends 50% in a lobby haha.
  11. Homefront

    Maybe its just me sucking at it but never got that into it
  12. Homefront

    Trust me it is, the maps are quite large to which is nice and not all maps suit snipers but there is one map which is literally two massive hills and a valley in between it gets a bit frantic with sniper fire and choppers and tanks roaming around. Not the same pace as COD but deffinately more then one way to win and pays to be patient. I will be spending many hours on this game!!!!
  13. Homefront

    So firstly after reading Buoy's thread on Battlefield 2 and about it killing COD: Black Ops, i went and picked up a copy and realised despite the 2nds rate graphics ( compared to B Op's ) it was indeed a much better game for gameplay and with some updating would kill COD. So now we are all eagerly awaiting BF3 and then during a COD session someone bought up Homefront which I knew little about. So Saturday night I went and hired a copy me and my cousin sat down and instantly fell in love with the game, bearing in mind we are both avid COD players who still currently enjoy COD and play religiously. I went and purchased a copy the next day and was quite late to work this morning due to the late night spent playing this game. In short go out and buy Homefront if you cant wait for BF3 you will not be dissapointed and I can honestly say I will be spending more time playing this then I will COD. Also on a foot note, if you love sniping, you will love this game the maps are really set up well for a mix of sniping and assaulting. For those worried by snipers constantly picking you off, call in some hellfire rockets and wipe them out, or send your aerial drone with rocket pods, or hell get into a scout chopper and machine gun them orrrrr if you fancing really making a statement use your Apache chopper and send 6-8 missles their way. I love this game
  14. While that's true, there are heaps of girly girls into imports myself included. I've got that much pink shit in my car it's not even funny I don't know what girls you guys are talking about cause all the girls I know that drive imports are super nice & not stuck up at all! lol. Yeah but your in Victoria girls are decent people down there up here on the vein & clueless Gold Coast the girls into imports are generally wankers. Sorry but its true.....in fact all GC girls are like that period they seem to lose the attitudew once you hit Brisbane though
  15. Just for clarification then you are or aren't single..??