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  1. this. bitches be crazy for it this CK free and boss.
  2. Drift School

    im in 26, white/black 180
  3. Andys 180SX

    yeah wasn't very hard just time consuming getting all the tabs and points where the S15 dash hits on the 180 under dash bits.both ouside mount points line up but not the centre one
  4. Andys 180SX

    slight update.. gathered bits and pieces of a kit and put that on i also picked up a screamer and put that in. also picked up an S15 dash which is in but i haven't really started on the wiring yet currently i'm looking for a new turbo set up and possibly a set of cams but for now i'm just looking forward to stadium drift
  5. defected :(

    famous last words
  6. defected :(

    i believe it does. but that's PROBABLY the least of your worries. goodluck
  7. Dash Lights

    take your cluster out.change the lights.put it back...
  8. hey all, i have an S15 cluster to install into my 180,still using the 5 Speed SR20 gearbox. iv been looking on the net about getting a correct signal to the S15 cluster, and from my understanding the S13 uses 2 wires while the S15 uses 1. This can be solved by earthing one of the 2 wires in the S13 and using a frequency converter to give correct signal to the S15 cluster. For people who have done this conversion, what type of frequency converter are you using? or, could i be pointed in the direction of a wiring diagram that will do this.. any info is helpful cheers -Andy
  9. Andys 180SX

    i havent had it dyno'd lately so im not sure.
  10. Andys 180SX

    im not sure on a power output yet.. i picked up a set of type x tail lights and painted the roof black in the next few weeks ill be doing a leak down test and depending on how that goes doing a rebuild while it is off the road. looking to upgrade head gasket, cams, valve springs, turbo while the motor is apart..

    hoping so. got some bits here to make it fun.... better have a new head gasket and about 40L of oil spare. from jono, cbf getting outa andy's account.
  12. Andys 180SX

    one video from the weekend..
  13. Andys 180SX

    ive had my 180 for nearly 2 years now and ive done as much work as i can by myself. when i bought it, it had coilovers,T28BB, injectors fuel pump etc.. and it looked like this. because it was my daily i swapped out the coilovers for lowered springs,i also bought some new wheels from jap import spares and picked up a CA front car and then looked like this.. a few weeks after that a housing in the gearbox broke which put it off the road and while i was at it i replaced the clutch and bought a stainless turbo manifold and split dump pipe. i got sick of the droney sound i had with my exhaust so i took it to AM Performance and had some straight pipes made up, i also removed the type x wing and put my SR front bar back on and added a lip. i then had it defected, cleared defect and got a 2871R to replace the T28 and 2 days later i lost my licence... i always wanted to take it to a track so i decided to start to work on the suspension and bought a set of JIC coilovers with camber tops.i also bought a set of pinapples and a pair of D1 Garage rear camber arms. i picked up a smashed front bar and re-fibreglassed it.. BEFORE AFTER then i took it to drift school at mallala for my first time on the track and i learnt so much i then bought a RAS kit and fuel pressure regulator while putting in the RAS kit i repainted the rocker cover and tidied up the engine bay a bit, also bought a new steering wheel and on the weekend i took it up to tailem bend for the practice and had a lot of fun but bent a tie rod. and a mods list to date: ENGINE -Blacktop SR20DET -Nismo 550cc injectors -RB25 Air flow meter -2871R -Sard fuel pump -Sard fuel pressure regulator -Greddy Profec II electronic boost controller -HKS fmic and piping -HKS oil filter relocator kit -HKS Oil cooler -Gktech rocker arm stopper -stainless split dump pipe -3" stainless exhaust -Redback hi flow cat -AM Performance 2.5" straight pipes from diff back -AM Performance coil pack cover -Omori low temp thermostat -Twin core Radiator SUSPENSION AND WHEELS -JIC coilovers (front and rear) -JIC camber tops(front) -D1 Garage rear camber arms -pinapples (bought from japanese import spares) -ferodo brake pads rear -slotted brake rotors front with bendix pads -Cusco tower brace front + rear -R32 GTR rear sway bar -shimmed diff -Gmax 17x8 wheels front -17x8 work mesh wheels rear -17x9 weds mesh wheels rear INTERIOR -deep dish steering wheel -SAAS boost gauge -type x seats -carbon fibre stereo surround -blue d button any comments or feedback or helpful advice is welcome -Andy
  14. link to entry form isnt working for me