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  1. Wifes Tommy Kiara enhanced R34Gt-R

    pic of linda...
  2. Didn't get much done on the weekend, bit sore after playing football. Contact sports and running suck.
  3. Oh, and not that I really done it for weight saving, more of a I wanted to try it and widen my guards, they weigh 1.1 kilo. Will have to weigh the originals to see what they are.
  4. I made my front splitter. Haha that's it. Just go all out haha I learn pretty quick haha apart from auto electrical, I'm slow at learning that.
  5. welllll, since i have become bored with the car since i havent done any "major" work for a few months, i decided to start ripping into it haha so i decided to make moulds of the front guards and made them 20mm wider at the front of the wheel arch due to rubbing issues and have made carbon guards for the front, pics up this weekend of them fitted. next is the rear quarters which again i will make around 20-30mm wider again so i can fit the tyre sizes i wanted. 275-295 instead of 255. again guard clearance issues. so i will start cutting into the rear quarters extending them out and making the rear duct larger in doing so then onto the side skirts which i plan on changing slightly... once that is done i am cutting into the rear boot. ANGLE GRINDER TIMEEEE AGAIN plan is to make a smooth bottom and ready for a surge tank / fuel setup on top. every body loves carbon lol except my hands XD few pics. getting the guiard ready with release agents etc all polished and ready to go out of the mold and all the release agents cleaned off all trimmed up but a bit dusty put some foam core in there for a bit more strength and a few other ideas i may have. sorry about the lack of working pics, but a bit hard once you start.
  6. another recent track day complete, still stuck at 1:24. looks like i might need to put all my bits and pieces on sooner for more power, but will try a few more things to still try and get to 1.20 before i touch the engine. some incar footage trying to keep up with 300 + rwkw dato and gtr is a bit hard on straights lol http://youtu.be/L75TP9DWjME
  7. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    will try and keep my thread alive
  8. haven't updated this in a while, haven't done much tho haha had another day out mid january at mallala and basically just changed the springs over to some stiffer springs. the day was 45 degrees so no quick times were put down just thrashed through some sections and cruised. but the times i have in sections on the gps improved by a second on most so i should hopefully get to that 1:20 next day. list of things to buy still sits at ecu, fuel setup for e85, oil cooler, then a tune. atm engine wise it still sits stock as a rock at 9psi so might even wind it up a little for the next cool day. but before i get to the engine side of things im still tempted to get a lighter one piece tailshaft, change the final drive and maybe lighter axles to get better response through rotational mass etc. would be interesting to see how fast i can get it before i mod the engine. few pics this section i improved by over a second alone without pushing it to where i have the points. so more track time plus setting the car up should be good.
  9. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    few more updates
  10. went for another drive at mallala again today, second outing with 255 hankook rs3 on all 4. got a better time by about 2 seconds. i will get to the 1:20 on standard power XD thats the goal. few pics my brother took for me. stiffer springs, has to be more weight some where i can kill and more practice, not the most consistent driver haha next then see what times i can get.
  11. well , track day again in two days. i reckon after the cars first track session i can get another 5 seconds after getting used to all the changes. so lets see if i can improve on some of these corner speeds. turn 3 @ 62, turn 5 a@ 46 i should get them a fair bit faster as i struggled to get used to the new diff and just getting used to stopping so quickly with the brake setup. 1:20:00 come at me haha keeping in mind completely stock engine.
  12. hey guys, i am running a private GRIP only day at mallala motorsport park on the WED 25th September. just need a few more cars to fill up some spots after some pull outs. there will be a maximum of 15 cars all up and probably around 5 cars on track at a time so there will be plenty of room and laps to be had. price is 255 per car gates will open at 8 and first laps start at 9. will need payment before you attend. if you are interested give me a pm on here or message me here for some more info https://www.facebook.com/darren.hill.900
  13. parts list in the cupboard gets bigger again, adding to the bc cams and springs, garret 3071 and now earls braided turbo lines and fittings, gk techs copper radiator if needed. list of parts still needed... wideband controller ecu (preferably haltech platinum pro) fuel system upgrade (surge tank, pumps lines etc ) injectors (on there way tho) rocker arm stoppers not to much else really is needed after my first track day, just a plug to stop fuel from coming up and out the filler cap which was a pain in the ass all day, shitty designed products.
  14. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    aand just cause i feel like it, a pic my brother took of me in my car bout time it was me getting photos taken of haha
  15. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    few more drift pics.
  16. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    few more macro pics straigh off the camera
  17. High speed is awesome. So stable, through the kink on the back straight just foot flat. I do need more power tho.
  18. Haha yeah rears I had 255 instead of 275. Sits just under flush tho which is what I want. Outside the guard is bad. Might have to go to 18 on the rear so tyres are not so damn expensive. Fronts had 255 with 4 deg camber, I'm happy with that and don't have to worry about rubbing or bottomming out on the guard. Just need grippier tyres.
  19. needs a bit of a clean but you get the idea...standard mirrors will have to do for now, can't see shit at all when i reverse.
  20. Woo, will have the car in full retard mode by lunch today with all the aero and panels on. Woop. Prepping for Wednesday's track day. Photos up hopefully end of the day.
  21. Gary's S14A.

    haha sweet, will be looking forward to chucking all my gear in, chuck up another vid once you get the tune etc , should be good