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  1. the slow modding of my s15 gf;)

    haha no shit. damn my rip off rims..will change them one day when sumone gives me sum..wouldnt mind these ones tho ..
  2. the slow modding of my s15 gf;)

    they came with the car.. gutter rash all ova them, wouldnt have a clue how much they where..wanna swap
  3. it is a mufler, its got ceramic baffling. I posted AM Performane's Email address up a few posts, so best to contact him, mufflers come in twin 3 inch (what i have) or twin 4 inch (fits in a 33) Does ceramic baffling mean no flame pop's? hey man cheers for the email.. emailed him the other day n got the ball rolling, soon to have a fat exhaust when i ring and confirm a date then i will have a truly dirty sounding sr haha
  4. aye man nice sounding car..just wonderin where am performance is i want one of those mufflers(if that is what it is or is it a straight through pipe?) i wantty
  5. S.A RIDES

    name - darren dazza D pooman occupation - wanker and apprentice painter ride - 2001 200sx spec s hang out - roads, streets, lanes, alleys, yur mums drive way, home, pubs mods - rear badged , spec r side skirts, tint etc etc... soon to come exhaust, fmic, boost controller, paint rims black, interests - long walks, candle light dinners all by myself, riding nikes, dirt bikes ya mum n ur grand ma if she is dirty enuf to tickle my balls
  6. New Silvia

    haha ur goin for ur L's in 2 years n ur plannin on gettin a 28 k silvia :OOOOOOO y dont u start out on somthin old, probly like the rest of us...chances are by the time ur on ur P's u wont be able to drive a turbo car...and is ur sis single ?? also have u considered the insurance and rego for that sort of car ,cause that would get rid of ur 2k spendin money...n e ways goodluk man, if ya get one u'l love it