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  1. **images dissappeared from the first page so i have gone through and uploaded again but there not in order like last time. close but there is a few that are in random spots. well thought it was about time i put my car up again and made another members ride.i hate writing so i will let the pictures do the talking... my s15.. repairing and stripping making my cage
  2. haha yeah, always the plan to sort aero, chassis, breaking and suspension first and buy engine parts as i go till its ready few mates didnt understand that path and continuously let me know about it. i believe i have still gone about it the correct way haha yeah should be ok with urethane or nismo. already so many noises in the cabin haha but will double check to see what gives the best outcome. no idea why the photos keep disappearing
  3. bit of an update since it has been a while, plan on having done by another track day on the 27th of feb - finishing off the rear end with a bit of polishing of the carbon- just about finished - starting to prep the car for paint again for my time off in the first week of feb- just have to mask it up now - starting to remake the side skirts and re-mould the front fenders as i wasn't happy with the original kit and slight variances from side to side so im going to rectify that and then it wont annoy me might have them done in time. - bought 100 meters of carbon, 25 meters of kevlar. - install the q starz 10hz timer and link it to a tablet im mounting in the cabin for lap sector timing in cabin with racechrono. should be good. - 25 box is being pulled apart as i type this, ppg s/c 1st to 4th gear set goes in and ppg mainshaft 1000hp plus rated - power tune adapter kit - 1 piece tail shaft to be made - route the exhaust somewhere temporary until new turbo is in. (prob just straight pipe down the center to the diffuser for now. plans after the 27th engine work begins - gt3071 - braided turbo lines etc - bc valve stems - bc titanium retainers - bc valve springs - bc cam gears - bc camshaft - z32 afm - arp head studs - headgaskets etc - tomei rocker arm stoppers - greddy oil coiler - gk tech copper core radiator fuel system gear i have goes in -alpha omega fuel rail - injector dynamic 1300cc - turbosmart fpr 800 - speedflow lines and fittings - gtr filters aftermarket industries 2.8l surge tank with holley dominator 1800 speedflow fittings and lines then tune on e85 still need to buy - probably a nistune ecu - gearbox and engine mounts. any recomendations on solid or nismo?? - n/a 60 mm throttle body?? a few wideband bits and pieces if any one has any recommendations for any other engine bits and pieces let me know. then remake the front bumper from scratch and front diffuser to suit then i would be running out of stuff to do apart from breakdowns. -
  4. Sprint / Time Attack Nissan Onevia

    nice and clean, keep it up
  5. hi as topic say after the following -rb25det gearbox to use in my s15 either standard or cut and shut or adapter. show me what you have -ecu for s15 sr20det, after haltec platinum, autronic etc plus (plus maybe e flex , wideband etc) -injectors to suit 300-350 kw either on fuel rail or jecs fiv0 motorsports etc, -surge tank set up with lines and pumps to suit s15 sr AI or similar suitable for e85 thanks, just message on here with what you have and i will get back to you in adelaide but will pay for postage if needed.
  6. hi all just bought a new Olympus e-520 dslr, and have been playing around with it for the last week getting to know the features as im new to the world of slr cameras..looking forward to putting a pic in the photo battles any one else here have the same camera and have any tips? few of the pics that i have taken so far mostly practicing on the fishies..not the best but i'm leanring
  7. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    straight from the camera using one off camera flash. and some drifting pics from the matsuri the other week.
  8. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    few shots from in the garden today.
  9. bit of an update... gearbox is gonna get some loving in the next few weeks. bought a powertune sr to rb adapter plate, still need the 25 box but have the 1000hp plus 1-4 helical dog box and billet mainshaft gearset ready to go in then get a one piece tailshaft. so its sort of cheating to get to the 1.20 without touching the engine haha so with the lighter and different geared driveline should punch through to the goal pretty easy with hopefully faster top end, bit less drag from the rear and a bit quicker acceleration. next track day in november so i will tray and get my hands on a lap timer or if any body has some recommendations of what to use? read about using race chrono with a 10 hz gps receiver as a cheap alternative..so with the times on ns from the motorsport section and the power other cars are putting down 250-350 plus still around 1:18-1:23 im feeling pretty good with the standard sr20 efforts with probably around 140-150 at the most on just hankook rs3 to do list- put exhaust in through the cabin and side exit or figure out alternate route. sort out side skirts paint, but not to fussed atm finish rear boot lid lip gearbox swap full fluid swap and once over try and get the f**ker weighed
  10. bit of an update, made it to the track day on thursday 28th out at mallala after a few very late nights. got out there for a few runs but my race chrono app was playing up or my phone was so no times and couldnt get into 5th under pressure , but ah well. so heres a few pics of it together.
  11. Locally there isntvto much of an option apart from nuplex/fibre glass international out at greenfields or Adelaide moulding casting. Greenfields may have some offcut endof roll lengths. I imported mine from China. Instead of $55 a meter I paid roughly $12 with only one week wait.
  12. bit more work, one week till the next track day haha. friday and monday off work to get shit finished....hopefully lol rear guards all trimmed and loosely test fittted (bit more work to be done on the fender tunnels. rear diffuser in the process of being trimmed and fuel filler also being relocated out of the wheel well to the rear perspex window. then seal up the boot floor, trim the rear bumper to fit around diffuser, see where the exhaust will now run and mod if needed , refit fenders , bonnet and oil change. race then comes a repaint and carbon boot to match the fenders. if i finally reach my goal of 1.20 on street tyres and stock engine i chuck on all my bits and pieces and see what times i can get with semis and around 300-350 kw atw all i need is 3 seconds to get to 1.20.99 lol carbon dust sucks ball sack wooo new page finally
  13. working like a man with beer in one hand a tools in the other that enginebay is looking pretty damn good.
  14. haha yeah, roast pork with chilli and also a combination with chilli and maybe some stuffed chicken legs and cold rolls. mmmmm thats gonna be my saturday lunch
  15. list of shit to do- - fill fridge with beer - stack more beer next to fridge - make both carbon rear guards - make tunnel in wheel wells to rear - make central tunnel - make flat floor above central tunnel - divert fuel hose to boot area - repaint (not essential before next track day) - paint my car trailer haha - eat viet meat rolls - late night aero testing
  16. bit of an update from before i left for new zealand the other month. finished off the molding of the other rear guard (getting quicker at this). also started cutting out a hole bunch of shit from the rear end because i was having grinder withdrawls again. now that im back from holidays i can start ripping it to this and hopefully have it up and running for a private track day in august im booked in at. fun busy times ahead
  17. one side to go, then onto the rear XD one month before i head off for some holidays.
  18. cut out the templates in mdf and attached to the car, little bogging, still need to sand, but thats tomorrows job on my day off
  19. soo now im making templates so i can neatly start making the plug for the mold to what i want. little bit left and hopefully have both sides all completed by the end of weekend ready for slapping on some fibreglass 3 months left till the next track day. just going to invert the rear "drag flap" and this section will all be hollow once the mold is done and the wheel well all cut out and air tunnelled through to this point. bottom of the bumper will be cut out and a large tunnel in the center of the car from the diff to help with the air flow to reduce the drag
  20. annnnnnd got bored on sunday whilst being hung over so i got the little air grinder out and cut into some more stuff haha living the dream... due to what many of my mates may believe i do have a plan when i work but it may look like i just randomly cut stuff.
  21. No idea haha my splitter is still going strong and has taken a few hits. After I have finished I may take a hammer and compare
  22. cheers guys, yeah wet layed into the mold then vacuum bagged it. definately interesting doing it. a lot of work tho in prepping and finishing it off. makes me wish i had a big shed out the back of my house so i could do 5 minutes here and there instead of killing off my weekends haha but who am i kidding, i have no money for fun , its spent on the car haha