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  1. Hardtuned.net Sunday Sessions.

    This is awesome! I'll be attending in my nostalgic VIP haha. LOL at derelict.
  2. An extra lap is possible, I found my standard brakes were still holding up well but getting a bit spongey on the last lap.
  3. Unfortuantly I won't be in a drivers seat this time to improve my PB . But I will be there helping out! Hope to see this day an awesome success like the first.
  4. Does seem that way, the track is a little slippery though. But still very quick, nice!
  5. Loved your civic out there dude!! ^^^ Definitely will be doing that man . Kudos to your lap time!! Interesting to see you using 3rd through all the back corners. Your sil80 didn't used to have a front splitter did it? I remember seeing something similar to yours at lakeside once.
  6. Wow thanks man! Absolutely stoked with my time, finally got this car running right for sprints now so I'm hoping to make regular sprint days! Again a huge thanks to Loz and all who was involved in making this day happen, you know who are . Was an amazing day out, no complaints what so ever. Organisation was absolutely mint. I'm hell keen for the next with a much better setup!!
  7. Breafast At QR / Lunch At Lakeside

    Does anybody know where on track pics are? I saw a shit load of cameras on the straights at both tracks....
  8. Breafast At QR / Lunch At Lakeside

    national is a fun track but it puts the biggest strain on your engine as it is so long on full open throttle and also on the brakes as you have to brake so much into turn 3 Yeah I was giving it a bootfull down the straights and my temps got up to 100 degrees. Then I switched the aircon off and it dropped back down to 81 Yeah Damit my brakes were fine, only towards the end started to get a bit soft but my rear pads are almost non existent so I wasn't surprised lol. My temps were good too! Highest spike at 86 degrees at QR for the whole day but I was in traffic lol. Mostly stayed around 75! Awesome writeup dude! Love the mention of UNC cheers
  9. Breafast At QR / Lunch At Lakeside

    Again big thanks to Anthony for yesterday . Early start but was worth it for some good fanging around both tracks. Never done the national QR circuit before! If anybody has photos of on track I'm keen as to see them!
  10. Breafast At QR / Lunch At Lakeside

    Put me down +1 passenger bruz
  11. Yeah bruz +1 for passenger. Clutch is close to going too, but fingers crossed I can put one in next week. Still in if not though, it's still got life

    ^^^^ What the ef is all this about?

    Serious man? I'll swing you a PM to see if your number is right . So all I need is the plate from somewhere right? I'm guessing a billet fly will be pretty exxy so I'll just machine mine for now, I wouldn't surprised if that was a little f**ked too. Yeah it was, I'm guessing the same thing, I'll just bleed it when the new clutch goes in

    Is this a puk type as Scotty is saying or different? Don't wanna go too extreme but if it's a good upgrade then I may aswell do it now, it was always next on the list. In terms of slave I dunno. That should be all fine, it was driving when I got out of it last, must've happened on start up. There's no drive selection even without engaging the clutch. So obviously no pressure at all...