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  1. Tonne of SR Parts

    Bump Stock exhaust and coil pack cover sold
  2. Tonne of SR Parts

    The enkei centre caps are black centre with like a carbon fibre look
  3. Tonne of SR Parts

    Hey guys i sold my s14 so now theres a tonne of stuff to get rid -s14a adm exhaust manifold with egr outlet, i have 2 - $40 each - s14/s15 stock hot pipe - $40 -s13/180sx hot pipe with Bov outlet -$40 - Brand new s14/s15 5ply ASI silicone top and bottom radiator hose -$40 for both - s13/s14 std injectors, were working on my car when i pulled them off -$80 for the set of 4 -s14/s15 std MAF in working condition - $50 -Unknown brand adjustable fuel pressure regulator, looks like a Malpassi copy - $20 - s14/s15 top alloy coolant outlet - $20 - B&N style short shifter, will fit s13/s14 5spd gearbox - $30 - OEM R200 diff pinion seal and 1xhalf shaft seal - $30 for both -2.5inch to 3inch 5ply silicone hose -$10, was used for intake pipe -SR 5spd clutch fork -$20 -S13 clutch master cylinder only 6months old, with random braided line -$50 - Brand New ENKEI RPF1 centre caps, still in wrapping $100 for set of 4 -SR20 rear main seal retainer -$20 -OEM SR20 valve stem seal (all 16) BRAND NEW - $100 -S15 AAC Valve - $50 - Genuine Series 1 HKS SSQV with gold fin, very high pitch and loud, few scratches but holds alot of boost no problems $120 -s14/s15 coil pack cover with bolts -$40 -S14 4xcoil packs and loom, came off my car to upgrade to splitfires - $100 -2 x s13/s14 coil packs used for diagnosing misfires $30each - 2x SR20 solid engine mounts, used for only 1 week, recommend for race cars -$80 -S14 VCT cam gear and EX cam gear, vct has slight rattle but only at first touch of throttle, after that no problems -$50 for both -S14 oem cams, cams off the car at 170k, very good condition and looks like next to no wear on lobes - $80 -Auto Jaw thermo fan controller, never used, it has 2 sensor and all wiring, 1 for coolant and 1 for oil temp - $80 -Calsonic power steering cooler, came off a stagea, was going to plumb it to my s14 for track but never got round to it -$20 -S14/S15 std cat back exhaust, not the prettiest but it will pass you rwc or sound test -$40 Located in western suburbs please txt 0434092024 for pics or questions, all my photos are too big to post up
  4. Highly modified and Clean S14a

    oh ok. Well here are the details and mods list for my car Heres an example of a highly modified silvia, with high quality parts. Tomei poncams hks adjustable cam gears VCT deleted new timing chain with updated chain guides and s15 tensioner new crank sprocket EGR deleted and relaced with s15 inlet manifold Power Bond crank pulley with 25% underdrive Resealed front oil pump cover Apexi baffle sump(5litre capacity) Splitfire Coil packs ASI 53mm alloy radiator R34 Clutch Fan upgrade nismo thermostat Blitz LM front mount intercooler painted black, HPi engine damper Garret GTX-R 2863 Turbo with 0.64 rear housing, super responsive 6 Boost low mount manifold Earls braided turbo lines with speed flow fittings 3'' dump and front pipe 150 Cell high flow ceramic cat Blitz realize stainless steel exhaust system A/C Deleted Relocated P/S pump using Taarks Alloy relocator kit Custom 3'' intake pipe Z32 AFM with Blitz Power Intake Nismo 740cc Injectors Rocker Arm Stoppers Walbro fuel pump wired directly to the battery with bigger gauge wiring and 40A relay All Hydraulic Lifters replaced (Genuine) Re-Routed vacuum lines Nismo Engine mounts DRIVETRAIN ORC 409D Copper button clutch with lightened chromoly flywheel Nismo gearbox mounts Cusco MZ 2 way LSD with fresh bearings and seals converted to 5 bolt R33 half shafts Alloy subframe lock bushes KTS subframe brace KTS toe brace R33 clutch master cylinder SUSPENSION HSD HR coilovers f=8kg/mm r=6kg/mm Kazama adjustable castor rod driftshop front arm brace whiteline blade adjustable sway bars (front and rear) Nismo adjustable rear upper arm HFM adjustable rear traction rod HFM adjustable toe rod GKTECH toe lock out kit Ultra racing front strut brace Cusco rear under parcel strut brace BRAKES R33 front calipers and disc R33 rear brakes with handrake conversion setup QFM K500 pads all round BM44 R33 brake master cylinder Cusco Brake master cylinder brace MANAGEMENT Nistune - tuned by Advanced Jap Motors Greddy Profec B Spec 2 electronic boost controller Car is tuned to 230rwkw at 16.6psi STEERING Super Pro Steering Rack Bushes Tein tie rod end EXTERIOR Genuine high spec front lip Super rare, genuine nissan slimline wind reflectors Shaved badge on bonnet and boot Spoiler Shaved WHEELS Enkei RPF1 Front 17x9.5 +18 running 225/45/r17 Rear 18x10.5 +15 running 235/40/r18 Project Kics durilium wheel nuts and hub rings All Gaurds professionally rolled to fit wheels INTERIOR Genuine Bride Brix 1.5 reclineable Genuine Bride super low seat rail Drift digital boost and oil pressure gauge Nismo reinforced clutch pedal bracket SECURITY Viper 5901 2way pager alarm with remote start, microwave sensor, shock sensor and viper flashing emblem Car is fastidiously looked after and serviced every 4000km and plugs done every 8000km service. All modifications and work done by myself as i am a mechanic. The car isn't designed to be a powerhouse as i know there are more powerful examples. But the car is made for maximum boost response for drifting and modified to be reliable as i drive it as a daily, yes a daily. Im negotiable on price and open to reasonable offers OR Im willing to do a straight swap for another car. Im after in particular a clean 2007-2008 Mazda 3 SP23 BK series 2 hatch(any colour except red) auto, acceptable kms My phone number is 0434092024, located in victoria, western suburbs
  5. Highly modified and Clean S14a

    Hi everyone, for sale is my pride and joy i've owned for 5 years and modified with quality parts and done properly. Im negotiable on price but willing to do straight swap in particular a 2007-2008 Mazda 3 SP23 hatch auto(not red) and acceptable km. Reason for selling is that the call of family has come and i cant exactly transport a pregnant missus or baby in a bumpy street slider. I've also have an add on carsales so all the details are there At least take the time to post the details here, not just a link to an external site. Thank you.
  6. installing dakota sgi-5 on s14a question

    Anyone at all? Surely someone has done an rb g/box conversion, different diff ratio or bigger wheels will run into this problem.
  7. Hey guys just wondering if anyone has installed a dakota sgi-5 speedo interface into an s14a? im just having trouble determining which wire is the for the speedo that i need to intercept. After that im sweet as in regards to calibrating and adjusting. any help would be apreciated
  8. Tom's s14 - No more munching looms + shed skid

    Great progress. Did you have to roll the gaurds to fit the rims or you ran demon camber?
  9. another sr20det wont idle thread

    where can the dirty animal locate this? Its just above the the thermostat. There should be 2 sensors 1 is a single pin, for the gauge. The other is a 2 pin sensor, that goes to the ecu. 2 ways to check is if you have Nissan Data Scan through the consult port or using a multimemter and checking the resistance is within specs. Had the same problem with my car, ecu kept thinking it was stone cold so it was just dumping massive amounts of fuel, car ran like a pig and i got 250km to a tank.
  10. another sr20det wont idle thread

    Did you check your coolant temp sensor to the ecu?

    Spotted MzNismo on Footscray Rd. Love the XD9,tough fitment, dash very nice

    Spotted Daguru's S14 on Kensington road, looking tough as usual with the te's
  13. Ticking noise

    Pm Taark he's the best when it comes to genuine nissan parts and cheaper too.
  14. Strange S14 SR20DET issue

    Also re-plug the 02 sensor back in or replace it(ask taark he gives good price), from memory the ecu takes 02 readings while cruising(constant throttle) and at idle, which is when your car is playing up. But also at least this way we can rule it out
  15. Strange S14 SR20DET issue

    It is possible that the coolant temp sensor is stuffed, have you checked the resistance when its cold and also when its hot? Its located just above the thermostat. Also you said you have clean your iac, did you reset your base idle+ base timing?