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  1. u can cop a fine per defect on your vechile. when west meets got raided every f**** week, they braught wanker cops from dande who were utter pricks, they had a female driver pulled over *who was in a 180* way done up than mine, and they ditched her and chased me down and gave me 3 fines. 1 for height, 1 for tires, and 1 because i was driving with a hooning group all up 300$ each fine. then to clear the defect which was a major. i stand by this cops are useless.
  2. STOLEN - Red 180SX - $2000 REWARD

    those mother f**kers stole the tires off my pushbike and burnt it too, its right next to that sil jokes aside. sucks man really scum of the earth to do that. specially burning it. they atleast could of been nice whiped it with some terps and left it for ya. *milkshake* bags. just goes to show how low people are on this earth.
  3. gymkhana 2.0 new new new

    part when he smashed the tube over his helm, i could see the regret and shame in his eyes..

    spotted a .....
  5. New numberplate slogan

    Vic - Go f**k yourself Ted Baillieu VIC - 1% group VIC - TROLL'D. VIC - is not the people state. VIC - not people friendly.
  6. questions on 3rd impound

    i know that but they ticked the impoundment box, so that means the judge wont consider "confiscating it"
  7. questions on 3rd impound

    iid love to read the f**kn form but it doesnt state shit.
  8. questions on 3rd impound

    ok so that just means my vechiles not being confiscated!?!?
  9. questions on 3rd impound

    well it says on the front page, " take notice that the chief comissoner of police intends to make application of an impoundent or immobillisation order or forfeiture order. it could be a completly different form. tho im just trying to under stand this if thats what they are suggesting to the court that theyed prefer to impound my vechile then me forfit it. hmmm might have to call the officer
  10. questions on 3rd impound

    nono smokeyim not talking about a summary offence. it has two boxes, and the impoundment box has been ticked meaning thats what they are fighting for. they did not tick the seizure box. ill re right this tomorrow nvm
  11. questions on 3rd impound

    smokey, usually on the front page of the summons you recieve, theres two boxes as i briefly explained above your post. if you could explain that. also a question on what you just said, if you get impounded twice or more of the same offence, such as careless driving x2 impropper use x2, they will confiscate your car maybe.. but if the 3rd charge is of different offence but your vechile was still impounded they wont take it off you? or is it because uve been impounded 3 times its cya later car.??
  12. questions on 3rd impound

    come on ladys keep on topic here. as above some body mentioned on your court summons there are two boxes. one for impoundment, one for seizure. now if the police tick the impoundment box does that mean the judge will follow that or will the judge say no ill choose to sieze it??
  13. hey all, ive heard many rumors of what happens on a 3rd impoundement, and id really like to hear if anyone here has actually hit the big 3. so what happened to you? loss of car license ect, i heard some people have gone to prison for a month for driving without a license and stuff. also, these impound laws how does it work?, is it just 3 impounds or does it have to be the same reason/offenses. eg, dangerous/careless driving x3? or is it just 3 IMPOUNDMENTS full stop.? any clarification would help ease the mind numbing pain. thx.
  14. mt buller hotels/houses

    tough shit ill give them a try