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  1. exhaust pics

    Def twin 3"
  2. Kronic

    this is epic. pineapple express, get on it, lasts awhile, hits pretty instant. just got banned in WA though.
  3. I think what alot of people forget to understand is that Psi is a measure of pressure within the confines of an area. So the amount of actual air passing into the motor @ 20psi on a T2871r is different to 20 psi on a T51r. I think a safer rough judgement of the capabilities of a motor is in terms of power output. I may be completely off track here, but i thought this might help.
  4. Best HD camcorder ?

    Hey guys, Im just after some advice on what hd camcorder to get with a budget around $800. I have read that the CANON VIXIA HF S100 HD is a good choice but i wanted to see what other options were out there. thanks! -Rajiv
  5. gearbox oil leak. HELP

    kool, will give that ago. yeah im positive i didnt overfill it, measured out 2.5L.
  6. gearbox oil leak. HELP

    Nah there is no hose present on the breather atm, will attaching a hose and placing it so its near the engine bay help in anyway? currently im willing to give anything a shot
  7. Hey guys, just have a really odd oil leak from my gbox, the oil leaking is around the gbox mounts, and the only place i can see where it would come from is the gbox breather (i think). all the seals are fine, except i need to replace the shifter rubber boot. here are some pics to show the extent of the leak. What can cause oil to leak from the breather? it only seems to happen under high RPM. i cant afford for this leak to continue, smurfs blood is expensive! thanks! Rajiv

    thanks man, yeah if anyone wants any high reso photos of anything other then the first one (cant find the original high reso copy) just let me know !

    Thanks dude! The rims are some variant from Stern so not sure on the exact model.
  10. The Youtube Thread

  11. Two Tone silvias

    Anymore photos of two-tone 180's?
  12. hey man, could you pm me the price with shipping for a 180sx vertex kit to 6155? thanks!
  13. hks coilovers

    hammer + good sized flat head screw driver