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  1. Can i extend a 1mm wire with a 3mm wire?

    Only affected if you go bigger to smaller, or a longer distance with smaller cable will give u voltage drop or signal drop if its a signal cable.
  2. DJs: Post your latest and greatest mix here.

  3. DJs: Post your latest and greatest mix here.

    Hey mate na ill put it on zippyshare and get a link up
  4. DJs: Post your latest and greatest mix here.

    Hey guys just a lil something i put 2getha on the weekend
  5. S14 car audio advice

    Hey mate nice unit, look if ur after cheap and clear sound get 6inch splits for ya fronts leave ya rears as stock as u dnt sit in the back and run ur fronts off an amp just simply coz headunits pump out f**k all power and ur speakers wnt be running ne where near there potential so. Mb Quart fronts will give you perfect front sound there mid range shit aint to expensive either and get a rockford amp decent price but will do the job and still have power to do a sub later.
  6. Popping fuses on twin thermo setup

    Fuses 2 small? i.e the rating
  7. s14 s1 headunit wiring colours

    If uve found 12V constant, 12V acc, illum, and made an earth and antenna remote, u shld only have a few wires left get a AA bat or a AAA bat and cut the speaker wires touch one on one side of the bat and the other wire on the other side of the bat and ull hear the speaker buzzing if uve got both the speaker wire from the same speaker, or run new speaker wire to ur speakers if u cant get find em at all.
  8. Ipad in-car install

    Looks f**kin crazy endless possibilites, but yeah i wlndt want the *milkshake* from silence of the lambs workin on my car

    True no water in ur windscreen wiper bottle is a defect...COPS FAIL!
  10. S14? pretty sure remove gear knob remove gear boot around the gear know should just be clips, check ash tray not sure if there is a screw holding that center piece in , rest should just be clips, move avcr into glove box, ull see once the surround is off all the screws holdin the ac control on headunit on, just undo and move up or down either 1 .

    Seems like something is drawing to much current causing the lights to dim and ur gauge to have no power , rewire is prob the best bet i.e trace back where its taking its power from.
  12. 30amp too strong for switch?

    If there only rated to 15 then yes 30 would be to much, it would probly take it but for a short period of time.

    Well if they are there from standard then no, i had aftermarket gauge in my stock s15 jap gauge holder and didnt get any attention, i think its wen they block ur view i.e on ur dash infront of ur speedo/rev cluster. Also prob pends on the cop aswell
  14. need a lil help 180sx indicator (noob)

    Can u see the where its broken from? just trace it back cant go that far dash area maybe