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  1. Help fix ns.com.com from death!

    Used to be full of hilarities. No way to revive it, it's been dead on the table for too long sadly.
  2. Help fix ns.com.com from death!

    Used to be full of hilarities. No way to revive it, it's been dead on the table for too long sadly.
  3. Hey guys, It seems like there are a few people on here that spin records/cds/mp3s, and there doesn't seem to be a place where we can post our stuff to share..until now! So chuck up your latest mix, give a run down of the style and length and let the mixes run free! Also probably good to share constructive crtisism on mixes eg, transition of songs, EQing, track selection etc My one below is a couple of months old, I'm currently working on much longer mix at the moment...hopefully should be done soon! This one starts off with somw slower paced electro and builds up from there. It has remixes by crookers, sticky K, riva starr and a few others too! http://soundcloud.com/eskimo_unltd/dj-eskimo-cassetteplaya?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=email&utm_content=http://soundcloud.com/eskimo_unltd/dj-eskimo-cassetteplaya
  4. WTF

    Would be better if the hands were opening the middle of the bonnet like goatse.
  5. things that annoy you

    I only wear jerserys for teams that I like, or old players that I liked. D. Rose, Barkley, Pippen, Kemp. Oh anyone thats wears michael jordan jersey playing social basketball is a douche.
  6. what is your latest purchase?

    Trendy as f**k.
  7. holy shit look at the price diff for aluminium compared to carbon! 1.500 to 4,000! man i hate carbon tax! lulz.
  8. 180SX V's VR Commodore?

    retard levels have hit a critical level.
  9. NBA Season 2011/2012

    So, the NBA is finally back! Who do you like/hate? Whos going to win? Which teams are on the up? Which teams are slipping already? Lakers aren't looking too good, losing both rounds of preseason matches to the Clippers, who appear to be on the up. Can't wait for the Bulls to play lakers on the 26th!
  10. what is your latest purchase?

    Padded compression for ballin. and some of these to ball in before i begin ballin.
  11. Show me your comedians!

    Louis CK for life. Bill Bailey. Ross Noble.
  12. Supra come back in 2015!

  13. things that annoy you

    Deciding I don't need to wear an ankle brace for basketball practice, then severely spraining my ankle *facepalm*
  14. No more live F1 on OneHD.

    Agreed, SKYf1 coverage is amazing. They have options to look at in car cameras in real time and show timing, radio chat between drivers and engineers etc. Also, a handy little link; http://apcmag.com/how-to-watch-hulu-bbc-iplayer-and-more-in-australia.htm
  15. things that annoy you

    that goes for just about anything on ebay.
  16. Formula1

    What a fantastic race tonight, I'm so happy that Perez was able to get 2nd place, what a dominant drive! Easily would of won had he not come off the track. All these rumours that Ferrari ordered sauber to do that are a load of shit.
  17. Formula1

    I'm so excited for this season, there's a lot more pace from the mid range teams, Lotus, Mercedes GP and Williams, I'm so glad Williams have a decent car again! I'm hoping for as epic qualifying sessions as Melbourne on Sat!
  18. things that annoy you

    Having a migrane when next door decides the tree next your bedroom has to go.... with a chainsaw.....at 8 in the f**king morning.
  19. Vodafone Bill argument

    5 words: You can't count.
  20. KONY 2012

    Regardless of the charity having some questionable processing of funds, I'm still all for getting Konys name out to everyone, I'm kind of glad social media is being used for good rather than updates on what people had for breakfast.
  21. that's a good idea, surely you have the email addresses of the people who do bring old cars, maybe contact them to find out what would work?
  22. Take out a page in some car mags maybe? I have nfi how much that shit costs, but worth looking into. Like Dish Oh mentioned, there's a lot of old car guys that aren't familiar with this fandangled interwizzle nonsense.