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  1. JDM has THUNDER BOLT badge
  2. Welcome to JDM nightmare...I kid, its not that bad. When rattle appears after start up, what happens if you were to rev the engine? If sound goes away, take note of the RPM if rattle appears again. Also, whilst driving, has sound ever appeared when car is stationary? "Another worry i have is when i turn it off it makes a rattling sound as the engine dies." - Does this happen constantly every time?
  3. For anyone who was reading, this issue has been solved. Took the dash out and after much diagnosing found a very small break on one of the tracks in the circuit on the back of Dash/Tacho cluster. Track supplied power to most of the instrument so explains why some worked and some was not at times. Repaired track and now all ok again. Thanks for reading. Please close topic. -MDN-
  4. s15 headlight cover

    This seems to be a common theme for alot of JDM-S15. Had same on my previous one. Does anyone know why it is? Is it age, or is it environment as well. Because I'm yet to see or hear about a ADM S15 with this.
  5. S15 Silvia Bootlid Badges

    lol^^ you'll look like Harry Potter then with a lightning bolt on your forehead
  6. Any one??? Any ideas???
  7. Just drive around in mud for abit and dont wash your rims, instant color change
  8. If your buying cheap rims why waste your money painting them. Save the money you were going to spend painting and get a better set... I got white on mine but it came as is when imported, didn't have the cash to change them
  9. Oh dear god

    I wonder how aerodynamic it is or if it will even hold at 60kph
  10. Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone had similar. My GF's car is a 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer. The display cluster which has tachos and other instrument displays doesn't come on when car is switched on. Car starts ok. The strange thing is, it will work in the morning and last the whole way to her work but then in the afternoon to go home it doesn't work. She said she has tried starting it during lunch time and it fails. The 'indicator arrows' and car door display shows but not the main instruments like Tachos, fuel/temp gauges, clock and hand brake indicator. I have checked the fuse and thats fine. As only a portion of the cluster works intermittently I assume the cluster is divided into more then one main PCB so I'm thinking it could be wiring or a failing component on one of the PCB. Any ideas??? Thanks
  11. Sorry haven't heard of them but $1400 from Just Cars is pretty good. Mine is higher and I have the same car and same age (25 in June) $690 is fantastic but you have to wonder, whats the catch??? BTW, was that in AUD or USD? I might check them out.
  12. engine over-revving

    ^^Agreed. Get it fixed asap. My mate had this and he kept driving so it got to a point where he had to press clutch 2-3 times for it to engage and in traffic that can get very dangerous. Also a good opportunity if you had ever plan for a heavier clutch upgrade.
  13. Not the most desirable solution but maybe use a 'carpet dash board protector' so direct sun light cant make dash brittle.
  14. Modifying the S15

    So have you decided yet??? What are you going to get???
  15. Instruction Manuals

    Awesome topic. Everything I needed to know, thanks.