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  1. [quotin name=pyro' timestamp='1397373314' post='2088591185] Quoted for truth That's not true at all and I believe that perception is what's progressively making the car scene worse. The number of *richard cranium* related deaths/crashes/bystander deaths/injuries/etc has actually decreased. Even 10 years ago it was decreasing. P platers are contributing less to the road safety statistics per capita than ever before, yet the constant perception is that things are always getting worse, that P platers are more retarded now than ever. The truth is that you're all getting old and forgetting the thing that shit you most when you were at P plater age: Old people. Just like the old people of my P plate days being afraid of anyone who wore a hoodie, anyone older than current P plate age sees the new generation as obnoxious idiots wearing stupid flat brimmed snapbacks and fluro nipple shirts. The only difference now is that gutter journalism isn't just on ACA/TTN, it IS mainstream media. Attention grabbing bullshit that nobody used to care about 20 years ago is all of a sudden the only thing you can see anywhere. People haven't become any more stupid, everything around them has become more stupid and it's hard for critical thought to survive in circumstances where people are exposed to that kind of mindless shit for so long. The same argument that 'people are more interested in being seen than being a "true enthusiast" with a powerful car' is no different to what hotrodders said about us on our P's, when we were f**king around with 4 cylinder fart boxes while they were messing with 'epitome of manliness' v8's that made less power. And STILL, those stupid bastard wonder why nobody builds hotrods any more! When they were 16 (and there were no P plates, nor was the world going to fall apart at any second), YOU COULD ONLY AFFORD TO BUY CARS THAT YOU COULD TURN INTO A HOTROD! When we were 16 YOU COULD ONLY AFFORD AN NA S13, A SHITTY CIVIC OR A THRASHED OUT FAMILY CAR! NOTHING has changed except people's perceptions while we wade in this narcissistic view that the generation we belong to somehow stands out from the others and we're facing all these problems that no other generation has seen before. What's more, "hooning" does not exist. it's some made up human bullshit that's completely unquantifiable in order to satiate the demand for the latest moral panic to be outlawed before the world falls apart. Want hooning to go away? Stop talking about hooning. Stop using the word. Stop acknowledging people who use the word. Do not engage with dickheads who judge everyone from their armchair, or the "mothers against everything" brigade. Turn off your TV, go outside and see the world as it IS, not as it's presented to you. f**king this! ^ Why do people call younger people f**k wits just because they aren't doing the same shit we did. Times change, trends come and go. Accept it and Move on. Other wise you'll end up being another one of those f**k wits we hated in our early 20s
  2. Still a few on car sales for 20k. If they are selling is a different story. I paid 19k for mine 4 years ago. If I sold it for 13-14, that's still a pretty good deal when you think about it. There's not too many cheap cars out there that hold their value that well.
  3. Unable to find antena wire in s15

    Jap s15? Mines doesn't have one either lol
  4. All the ones selling for under 10k are f**king shit boxes. High kms, accident history etc. All the good condition, low km, tastefully modded ones still go for 15k at least. For a 12-15 year old car, who can complain with that?
  5. Which EBC

    If you're never gonna change it get a boost tee. As for ebc I got the new profec, pretty much the same as the profec b but with a new more modern look. I rate it.
  6. The Walking Dead

    Yeah, thank f**k it's now bearable to watch.
  7. N.S.W p platers are back.

    I think the general idea is that a lot of smaller cars are coming out with a turbo option. More from an eco point of view rather than performance. I highly doubt the law was changed to 'give them another chance'. Besides a stock turbo s13 isn't any more dangerous (power wise) than a late model commy/falcon etc.
  8. The Walking Dead

    You mean to tell me that there's only one 2010 dodge challenger in the world? That's crazy man.
  9. The Walking Dead

    They essentially were in a fort for the last 2 seasons Lol. The prison was the worst part of the storyline so far. I couldn't be happier that they've left the f**king prison. There's still a huge amount of story left to tell, like what the rest of the world is doing etc, and how the disease started.
  10. Greddy - Spec LS ON SALE!

    It's pretty simple bro. The greddy kit comes with an instruction (in Japanese) but it shows you exactly where to cut the hole. Then all you'll have to do is trim your front bar a little.
  11. Greddy - Spec LS ON SALE!

    I got mine through jdm obsession For roughly $550-$600 from memory. Decent bit of gear all brackets line up nicely and very easy to install.
  12. Any electricians here?

    Well ill be glad to see it change, because the scope of experience that was expected was too vast. It's un realistic to say an apprentice is going to get experience in that many different areas of the industry.
  13. Any electricians here?

    I wouldn't advise doing an apprenticeship with an air con mob. There is very little variety of work, which will result in you lack trade experience. Added to that, department of fair trading and tafe are really cracking down on apprentices that arnt getting enough experience. There's an online profiling system that you'll have to fill out weekly and a criteria that needs to be met before you can apply for a licence. And just doing air conditioning work will not be enough to get you a licence.
  14. things that annoy you

    It's nearly impossible to find genuine stuff, second hand now haha
  15. Xbox One

    Yeah I've tried all that. I think mine might be a dud.