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  1. Pre workout

    you can still buy the old formula jack3d off of ebay
  2. 1994 Subaru Wrx - $5,500

    Make : SUBARU WRX Transmission : Kilometres : 213000 Price : $5,500 Condition : Used Hey all, up for sale is my beloved 1994 subaru WRX. This impreza is in great condition always serviced by Eblens Subaru, (last service was a major service cost me upwards of $1700). Car is in great condition, moderately low k's for its age and the interior shows that. Never had a major problem with the car, other than the clutch having to be replaced which was done at S&J automotive about 15,000 k's ago. after market features include - Dark window tint (legal) - 17 inch, 2001 model WRX wheels - 1997 model WRX front seats, very comfortable!! - Adjustable coilovers (unknown brand, but handles great) - Cd Player - Boost guage - turbo timer - Pod filter - 3 inch turbo back exhaust (with mufflers so not too loud but gives a good rumble) - Sparco clutch, brake and accelerator pedal covers The car is in great condition, starts first go every time and is a pleasure to drive. air conditioning is ice cold, handles great, is a very fast standard car that is relatively cheap to run (it's only a 2L). The only negative with this car is that the bonnet is slightly faded, and someone has tried to rip the drivers side rear vision mirror off at some stage and it is sagging slightly. electronics and vision out of the mirror havent been affected though. please note the car can come with both 1994 model spoiler and 2000 model spoiler if they would like them to be included with the car. I am asking for $5,500 ono ,please dont hesitate to call or text me with any queeries. I am available anytime, I will try my best not to but if i miss your call i will respond within half an hour. I am located 10 minutes south of the city near mitcham and am available for inspections most days, just ask. Cheers Beau
  3. shit apprentices say/do

    Back when i was a third year i was working for an electrical and plumbing company laying cables and running water for the big boats charging stations and what not. Anyway one day the dipshit 2nd year plumbing apprentice dropped one of the spanners in the ocean and we told him he had to get it otherwise the boss would lose his shit, cause it was an expensive spanner. keep in mind we are about 50-100 metres off shore and the water was about 4-5 metres deep, the apprentice dives in and proceeds to dive down and try to find the spanner. after a few goes he gives up an says its not possible to get to the bottom without losing his breat. so we gave him a long length of corrugated conduit to put in his mouth so he can breath when he dives down. again after three goes he gives up and climbs up onto the concrete pontoon. At this point the poor bloke is buggered and shattered that he lost the "expensive spanner" and tells us hes busting to go to the toilet and says after all that hard work he deserves to go and let one out. At this stage we are all losing it cause this bloke is saturated and panting like crazy, but we keep going with the joke and tell him that hes not allowed to go to the toilet cause its too far away and we are on a tight schedule and that he probably should just go in the water. The bloke is hesitant but then agrees that he doesnt want to piss off the boss and walks over to the side of the pontoon and jumps in. At this point we are all in stitches laughing on the ground and ask the bloke why he jumped back in the water when he could just piss off the edge to which he replied i need to take a shit! the idiot then proceeded to take a crap infront of us in the water. when the nugget popped up to the surface it was the funniest thing i had and stil have ever seen!
  4. Does anyone know this patrol?

    you can get the RAA to do a check, they normally come to the house where the vehicle is situated..
  5. How accurate are fitness apps?

    it means 176 calories burnt, 1760 calories would take like 6 hours to burn just walking..... What types of information does this app use to calculate how many calories you burn? I have a heart rate monitor which uses age, weight and heart rate to calculate the amount of calories i burn in a work out and seems to be relatively accurate. I have used a treadmill which only goeson weight and the numbers are way out.
  6. STOLEN WRX 98'

    if you read every post above, it's also mentioned the bloke has done a runner from a court apearance?? so im assuming he had no car, so flogged this one and bailed with it? Obviously they know his details, but he's just stolen his housemates car he's not just gonna rock up back to where he lives with it or answer his phone is he.... My mate used to own this car, very clean, very well looked after. Godluck with the search
  7. Stereosonics

    how did beetroots stuff up?? we left when we heard avicii wasnt going to show, unlucky!!! also because it was about 5 degrees!
  8. Gym wankers

    I dont agree with something mentioned earlier, people who drop weights that aren't even heavy?? Maybe for these people they are heavy, otherwise i assume they wouldnt be trying to lift them? To be honest if im training chest, and i struggle out the last couple of reps, i often accidently i drop the weights on the ground (though i try to keep it to a minimum), even if its like a drop of like 5cm, if i have pushed all my energy out on that set, trying to lower the weights with control and no noise is nearly impossible. To some people 15kg dumbells is heavy, to others 40's are heavy. Just depends on the level your at with your training, or if your drop setting 40's with 20's for example the 20's are just as heavy after a full set..... Anyways, one thing that annoys me at the gym other than what has been mentioned before, is old men, or women who show no consideration to others. They just go on whatever machine whenever they want, adjust it and then leave it as they used it to go to another machine. Nearly twice a week at my gym i'll have this happen to me. Yes i'll have my towel on it, even my drink bottle sometimes on leg machines will be sitting on the machine. Im not one to hog, 90% of the time if asked ill let people use any machine im using in between sets or whatever no problems, but when your not even acknowledged and your stuff is moved aside no questions asked really gives me the shits! I find its normally the older more impatient patron to the gym that will do this, most younger people show RESPECT to their fellow trainers...
  9. Protective Security Cars

    lol the bloke never said he was doing anything stupid, just had one follow him. Who knows the "protective security officers" may have just been driving in the same direction for a period of time and may not have been following him anyway. In all honesty don't see why it matters how much authority they have, you know they're not going to pull you over and randomly defect you so who cares. Don't drive like an idiot or treat officers like an idiot and you won't have any problems. As simple as that
  10. what pre work are you using?

    ive tried super pump max, mesomorph and jack3d. jack3d is my current, find it gives me plenty of energy and focus without massive come downs. was wicked to take for footy, fires you right up and gives me tingles down my arms. Been taking it for a while now after about 2 cycles, maybe 3 months?, and it still has a decent effect on me. Mesomorph was also really good, strong focus and heaps of energy. But i found it gave me shitloads of pimples on my face which sucked so stopped taking it! Superpump max is also a solid pre workout, but tastes no good, was like a child drinking cough medicine!
  11. Am I going too hard?

    id say doing that everyday would be too much mate, depending on how long before the event you are going to start you will burn yourself out in no time.... Id say do 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week, each week increasing your speed/distance you should be sweet!
  12. SHAME

    $109 for an oil cap
  13. Rate your bank

    how do you vote and not enter a vote in each category?? as i am only with commonwealth i can only comment on them, but have found that there service is actually pretty good. havent had any problems with them.
  14. I Hate It When...

    I hate it when people eat with there mouth open and make stupid f**king noises, is it not obvious to yourself you sound like a retard I hate it when people bite their fork when eating, it gives me goosebumps I hate it when people bring up personal shit you have told them in confidence around a group of people, no matter how small it may be makes me wanna punch them in the face I hate it when people drive 40km/h in a 60 zone thinking they are doing the world a favour by being a "responsible motorist" I hate it when fat people complain I hate peer pressure, its a bitch I hate that awkward moment when you see someone who u met when very paro, and you dont know whether or not to say hello next time you see them I hate it when i have to work overtime I hate it when people who think everythings a competition I hate it when im late for something because someone else was a slack piece of shit I hate it when i have a HANGOVER!!!!!!!!