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  1. which intercooler should i get for my s15?

    thanks for you help man your input been very helpful but over all what do you think of S15 Greddy Spec R HG intercooler kit ,because some guy is offer me one and i can get it this weekend i no gotta do i few things just to fit it but as a cooler is it worth it??
  2. which intercooler should i get for my s15?

    thanks guys for all your input its great im just wondering what use think of Greddy Spec R HG intercooler kit? are they any good?? any help would be great thanks again
  3. Hey guy im just wondering whats the best intercooler i can get for my s15 names some brands guys and where about's can i buy them from i live victoria melbourne?? any help would be great thanks P.s i wanna try and get it by this weekend lolz
  4. hey guy's im lookin at buying a exhauts for my car and im wondering if there is anything wrong with getting a custom exhaut made or is it better to get a brand name one like a (APEXI OR BLITZ ETC) and im also lookin at going stain steel what are the benfits in that? im going a full system not cat back and should i also get front dump pipe as well? because im lookin at installing a cooler as well apexi if i can fine one, i hope someone can help me i tryed my best to wrote it ahah
  5. Pod Filters

    yeah i have an apeix power intake in my s15 and i love it seems very good an ive notice abit of a different as well apexi all the way bro thats my 2cents anyways lolz
  6. adm s15 vs jdm s15 ( both turbo)

    what? jdm socks? sorry mean stock lolz my bad plz forgive me ahah
  7. adm s15 vs jdm s15 ( both turbo)

    Yeah i dont get why they go for cheaper tho just because there inports when the jdm there better stock car then the adm model really in my opinion both models shoulds stick together on the market value.. instead of cuttin each other lolz
  8. adm s15 vs jdm s15 ( both turbo)

    lolz the rear wiper dose not bother me ever
  9. hey guys i no this might of been done before but im just wondering which s15 adm or jdm do use guys think is best buy for your buck? i would say the jdm s15 more power extra features i just think its a better car all around i no the resell is i think a bit cheaper but i dont understand it when the jdm model come with better features( auto climate control) and more power? so i put the question to everyone on NS tell me what use guys think and why? cheers guys!
  10. Few questions from first time buyer

    i would go the s15 very sexy car its got very thing you want plus its the last of its kind! i love my s15 lolz
  11. hi guy i no this might be a stupid question but my mates got a stock 180sx with just a hks pod filter in it and it makes that flutter sound now all i want to no is if i put a pod filter into my stock jap s15 will i get that flutter sound as well? and if it is true what he is saying that its just a pod you put in to make that sound? Any help will be great thanks cheers!
  12. hey guys thanks all for your replys its been great cheers, Also im wondering what if i go stainless steel all the way through what differents dose that make? any help would be great?
  13. i understand what your saying thanks for your help guys cheers
  14. Hey guys this maybe a dumb question but im just wondering what size exhauts should i get for my jdm s15 3' or 3.5" and whats the differents in performace with the to different sizes? thanks guys any help would be great thanks cheers
  15. stock jdm s15 what mod should i do?

    Hey thank for your reply sorry bro i live in melbourne so cant do that thanks tho:( anyways i wanna use the car for street use and drag i guess spend up to 10g maybe more.. but slowly slowly not all that once hope that helps:S cheer mate