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  1. Julia Gillard

    Libs didnt campaign for the 07 election, they knew shit was goin down and wanted to be out of power when it did. Also, Labor.
  2. Name a song

    I thought we had a sticky for this? If there is one them im retarded, anyway I heard a song on JJJ this arvo and thought it was pretty awesome. Its a fast paced technoy song with kind of looping style to it. It has a guy come in and shout something three or four times during the song. I know thats a vague as description but Id love to find out what it is.
  3. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Get this. THIS. http://www.theaquariumshop.com.au/shopexd.asp?id=424&name=Aquarium%20Pharmaceuticals%20API%20Freshwater%20Master%20Test%20Kit Doesnt have to be from that shop though haha.
  4. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Has anyone used Livefish.com.au, any experiences? Im in Hobart so the pickings are slim in regards to quality tropical fish stores apart from the one in New Town and even then he takes months to get fish in for you.
  5. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Yeh I will only get 1 Guorami, I looked into it a bit more. Shame because they are some of the best looking fish. I am getting an Altum Angel and just a regular old Angel (Koi if i can find one).
  6. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Yeh I would get the fighter into a bigger tank asap. Especially cos you have so many plants in there, its just cruel. Anyhoo, I have a 140L freshwater tank. I have 6 Black Phantom Tetras, 3 Male Guppies, and a Coral Blue Dwarf Guorami so far. I am slowly stocking it bit by bit so the Nitrogen cycle can catch up. I supplement it with Biostart etc, but I like to play it safe. My list that I am working towards is 6 Black Phantom Tetras 3 Guppies 2 Coral Blue Dwarf Guoramis 2 Angelfish 4 Otocinclus Catfish (the cool little fellas that latch onto the glass and eat algae) 3 Kuhli Loach. I will update with a picture in a bit, and then one when its complete in a few weeks.
  7. move over 3D TV

    Well you pretty much covered everything I wanted to say. OP is an idiot.
  8. Un-conventionally large computer cases!

    Shit and I thought my Antec 200 was beefy. I just installed a Thermalright Ultra 120, it is gigantic.
  9. Gamers4Croydon

    The guy is like a running joke over at Gaf. He is like the Jack Thompson of Australia.
  10. Mass sterilisations need to be enforced, and permits for children required in all developing countries. Extreme measures are required, its been left to fester for too long, they won't help themselves, and our current model of helping them, but not raising them to our level is just enforcing their ideology.
  11. Male vs Female at the atm

    It actually astounds me how long it takes women at an ATM.
  12. Watching movies off an external hard drive

  13. Where to buy Band Tee Shirts

    That site has nothing from Devin Townsend, or SYL, and one XS 30 Seconds to Mars shirt. Fark.