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  1. who runs spacers?

    Dont use a slip on just get on the just jap website and get some hub centric bolt ons. I had 15mm bolt ons on my 33 for 1-1/2 years and my brothers running 25mm on his stagea.
  2. The Footy Show...

    Agreed most people laugh at Trevor not with i think they feel sorry for him... the footy shows still good IMO I agree, I never really liked Trev or his one liners. But as for last nights show I thought they were trying to hard but I think it will return to normal over the next few weeks. And they should piss Hutchi off if Sam cant pick on him.
  3. DIN pocket

    The 02 xtrail one also fits and is finished in a gun metal grey, I think they are $40 thru nissan from memory.
  4. 5 Stud conversion

    I spoke to just jap today and was given a price on the front and rear hubs + new bearings for the rear hubs $830 + delivery. Then if you wish to retain the stock brakes for the time being you will have to pay to get the rotors drilled to 5 stud.
  5. My brother was having this same problem with his stagea, I replaced the gasket your talking about and the noise was gone and the power was up.
  6. air filter box

    How would i go around building one??? Do a search, I'm sure there will be some info available on the forum somewhere. I made one in the past using alloy sheet, cut it all up bent it and bolted it all together, it looked like a brought one.
  7. I started off like most, I loved the cannon exhaust and hade a trust system fitted to my first 33. But after a while I realised how much attention they get and how low most are, the trust system only had two bends which mad it hang very low and was a pain. I got my hands on another 33 and found a cat back system off a gtr with a nice looking flute style muffler and loved the look and sound that it made. +1 for flutes.
  8. My 180sx (2JZGTE)

    Sounds like a great car, cant wait for pics
  9. ABS worth keeping

    +1 for keeping it, Iv got ABS in my current 33 and it has saved me few times.
  10. What's the best body kit looking for S15

    what bodykit is that? look dang awsome >. doesnt say on it or anything... idiot lol LoL, its not Yashio factory is it haha.
  11. s13 question

    Well Im selling the 33 so Im thinking this is on the cards *takes the car back from the g/f haha*
  12. s13 question

    LoL about you guys worried about your car shifting firm, try having a shift kitted 33 turbo, mine turns the tyres from first if you give it anymore then 60% throttle from 1st to 2nd. Back on topic, my g/f has an auto na silvia but hers doesnt shift hard, it doesnt want to shift to the next gear actualy. If you depress the pedal past 65% it just revs and revs till just before readline (no more responce or power here) then finaly changes and we start again LoL. Its shocking to drive if you are trying to get any sort of speed up. Is this normal?? It is like there is little to no line pressure.
  13. swapping wheels L to R

    From what I have been told even if your tyres are not directional but have been on the car for a resonable time the steel belts and wire meshing in the tyre tend to form in one direction (\\\\////). So if you then change the direction (rotation) of the tyre it can cause problems with the belts and mesh causing it to become noisy and in some casses a rougher ride, this is caused because the now formed "directional" tyre mesh is forced to relay itself in the other direction (///\\\) and piles up and becomes lumpy. This is what info has been passed on to me from a family friend who owns/runs a tyre retailer, not sure if it is 100% its just what iv been told.
  14. rim lip protectors

    Iv never heard of these before, do you have a pic of what they look like? I dont think they would look to good on many wheels though, not for me I thinks.
  15. Jezza's Onevia *engine complete*

    Nice project mate, great write up so far.