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  1. who's got big dogs?

    I got my Brindle boy from a breeder In Sydney and my Red girl from a breeder in Queensland. My boys breeder has just had another litter so they have puppies available.. have a look at Dogz Online puppy section if you're interested In a pup.
  2. who's got big dogs?

    I have two Bullmastiff's and a Great Dane x Rotty / Shepherd... I'm breeding the Bullmastiffs to be security / protection dogs rather than show dogs. Both are main registered with full breeding rights.. so I can't wait till my girl is old enough to breed from! I'll happily answer any questions about Bullmastiff's.... they're a very very gentle but very protective breed! Need firm training when young otherwise can easily get out of control... they don't really like change either... everytime we change the house around they lose their mind lol... they're odd but such an amazing breed! My boy Bullmastiff Frank is 60-65kg and my puppy Dora is 6 months and 35kg.
  3. Pets, what'cha got?

    Awesome pic. I love how the dog on the right is like, "ey, what's going on over here?". Haha that's Zeus... he likes to always know whats going on and always in your face wanting pats... hes such a good mutt though! if I let him out the front all he does is sit behind the stag waiting for me to open the hatch so he can go for a ride with his head out the sunroof lol
  4. Pets, what'cha got?

    I could post hundreds of pictures! haha I have 3 dogs and 2 cats. My first dog is my purebred brindle Bullmastiff, Frank whos 17 months old and will be entering his first shows soon! (I didn't think I was going to show him until I started going to bullmastiff meets and got told he's a great example of the breed and since he's on Main Register I can breed / show him) Zeus, my partners Great Dane x Rotty / Shepherd who is 15 months Our newest addition is our 9 week old red Bullmastiff bitch for show/breeding, Dora. the pack and lastly, Meowington (black bengal x) and Cloud a Ragdoll kitten (and a random picture I love from when they were ALOT younger...)
  5. did she claim it? i have no idea Did I claim it? Was most likely me yes. I don't bother posting up spotted on here anymore because of obvious reasons. But thank you for the spot.
  6. Sorry man, still got my custom plates? There are a lot of white supras with my failside kit... not exactly rare. But yes I still have my plates, sorry.
  7. shes far from blond lol plus her car is easy to spot... look for her plates dyed red hair - faaaarrr from being a blonde.. my car has a few recognisable stickers on it too, no wing, etc etc Spotted a nice bayside blue stag at windys the other day.. Were you pulling out of the on the run on Anzac Tuesday/Wednesday night? uhhh, I might have? I was probably on anzac somewhere but wasn't at a BP
  8. shes far from blond lol plus her car is easy to spot... look for her plates dyed red hair - faaaarrr from being a blonde.. my car has a few recognisable stickers on it too, no wing, etc etc Spotted a nice bayside blue stag at windys the other day..
  9. RIP supra owner.

    His name is Daniel Ilas, he was 18 and did something VERY silly that resulted in losing two lives. Accidents happen, He wasn't doing the speed limit, and lost control and went sideways into a tree.. I just hope they didn't feel anything.
  10. TWO people are dead after a car slammed into a tree outside a busy northern suburbs shopping centre during lunchtime. The crash happened outside the Elizabeth shopping centre on the Philip Highway, Elizabeth, about 1.25pm. The impact was so great, the turbo-charged silver Toyota Supra coupe was left wrapped around a gum tree on the median strip. It appeared the driver, believed to be a man, lost control on a sweeping right-hand bend before mounting the median strip and crashing into a tree outside the Woolworths Caltex petrol station, about 150m from Main North Rd. The passenger-side door bore the brunt of the impact, pushing the tree half-way inside the car's cabin. The gender of the second victim is unknown. Amanda Wellington, 17, saw the car speed past and then she heard "a huge bang" as it crashed. She ran to the wrecked car but feared the worst when she saw the damage to the vehicle. "There was blood everywhere ... one minute they were moving, and then they were gone," Miss Wellington said. "I just hope there was no pain for them." She said she had seen the car driving around the district but did not know the occupants. "It gives you a different perspective on life, one minute you can have everything and then it can be taken away from you." Emergency crews are on the scene and police said Philip Highway is closed to traffic. Motorists are advised to avoid the area. Meanwhile, a man, 60, was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital with head injuries. after a serious crash at Churchill Rd, Kilburn. The accident happened about 1.50pm, involving two trucks and a car. Meanwhile, up to three cars were involved in a crash on the Victor Harbor Goolwa Rd at Port Elliott just before 3pm. A police spokesman said traffic was restricted in both directions with long delays expected and he urged motorists to avoid the area. Supra car accident If it's who we think it is, he is 18 and from Elizabeth...
  11. thought so!! my mates say you but they couldn't tell if you were in the wall or not.. I'll send you a PM
  12. haha, hear me scream hello? (white supra) didn't see you wave though? Also - spotted a black chaser about 3:30am driving down port rush rd
  13. Ashamed to say I know the guy in the ute. If you every talk to him, tell him his ute looks like its dragging its vagina on the ground! hahahhahaha!! I shall if I see him again Would have been Jordy in the 350 and Okla in the 180
  14. Spotted a black? or grey R33 "C U BYE" and his mate "KEEN AS" in a blue ute across from my house haha
  15. I'm sure if you waved, I would have waved back with a confused look haha! I would have been on my way to my folks house, off in my own little world