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  1. 180sx / s13 meet up and cruise

    When is the next S13/180sx meet up? Keen to meet some of you guys and show off my piece of shit 180 haha - Garto
  2. The Walking Dead

    Would you believe the actors who play Rick and Daryl are British? I only found out not to long ago.
  3. Game of Thrones (contains spoilers)

    Wildlings have Giants who ride Mammoths in the books. They aren't serving Mance Rayder they are just allying with him. All I will say is that a lot changes this season. A lot of people are killed, and somebody loses a limb.
  4. Game of Thrones (contains spoilers)

    It has changed from the books already. Not by much. But you wait for what's in store this season
  5. The Last of Us

    Yep I've been keeping an ear out for more news on this. That tv spot trailer was good. Definitely sounds better than I thought it was going to be when those first trailers were released.
  6. Need help picking an Ultrabook..

    toshiba? or are they shit?
  7. COD: Black Ops 2

    Yeh not gonna happen man. It's now marketed for 5-15 year olds and not adults anymore like it SHOULD BE. So like you I too will be boycotting this game from now on I think. I want it to be like Black Ops 1 or Modern Warfare 2 at the VERY least, but World At War and Modern Warfare are by far the BEST COD games ever released. World at War was what truly got me into this genre and my first true online experience. I have friends from all across the country now and we actually fly over to one of our houses every now and then and have a BBQ and bitch about COD while our women chat and throw us disgusted looks all night hahaha
  8. show us your tattoos!

    I know of Adrian as that's the place I go to. I see Matt usually. Might pop in there first.
  9. 97' 180sx Type X RPF1 / SSR's + 3071R

    So didn't know the 86's stud pattern was 5x100.... gay. Will look nice though.
  10. show us your tattoos!

    ^just noticed name change too. Cheers Dan. I tried to upload the pic of the tattoo i have in mind of covering, which goes up the length of my forearm about 2.5cm wide. Was thinking Koi may be able to cover it but dunno I can always just leave the word tattoo there and work around it.
  11. show us your tattoos!

    Might have been asked before but recommended place in Adelaide to do koi fish. Yeah yeah it's over played but it is symbolic and meaningful to me with what I plan on doing with it. Also i might use it to cover another tattoo (writing) which is why I'm looking at getting one koi black/grey and the other colour. On my forearm. Otherwise anybody know a good cover up tattooist?
  12. Farcry 3

    I've got all the weapons you can get. I've explored and collected 119 relics but cannot get the last one as I went too far in the story. So I'll get Spider Relic 1 when I replay. Lots of people have the same problem. Got all the letters and all the memory cards. Still going through and getting all the loot chests but North Island is nearly picked clean. I got to South Island and straight away conquered all bases and towers.
  13. Anybody playing The War Z? More of a survival-shooter than the simulator-survival that is DayZ
  14. Farcry 3

    So scared to swim in the water for long i.e. getting attacked by sharks. So scary haha. And I love climbing the towers and recon the militia camps and then try a plan of attack (usually snipe or destroy explosives or lob grenades in haha) I haven't done much campain. Just exploring
  15. Still gotta say I love this car.