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  1. Gktech GKTech v2 front castor arms to suit S13/R32, was in the car for 1 track day - $100 Sparco Sprint Junior, in good condition just needs a clean, it's missing the plastic frame where the seat belt goes on left side but doesn't effect the seat at all, Seat only no rails. - $200 Pick up only. Located in the western suburbs of Adelaide.
  2. Assetto Corsa

    It's not the Rfactor devs, Kunos-Simulazioni made AC, Image Space Incorporated made Rfactor. The game atm has issues, multiplayer has a horrible booking system, quick join servers should be in the next update later this month. FPS drops, stuttering and input lag issues should be fixed soon I hope.
  3. Gran Turismo 6 announced

    WPN-X7 sums it up well. I kinda like my "sims" to feel like I'm driving a real car, GT doesn't do that, this is most noticeable when pushing the limits of the car
  4. Gran Turismo 6 announced

    same old shit imo, have so many wtf moments when drifting, so many other issues from GT5 not fixed, back to Asseto Corsa and Live For Speed I go.
  5. Drifting quitters

    If you are really passionate about drifting then you'll find a way to get back out there even if it does take you awhile, sucks when you break something major like a engine, lucky for me the only time I've done any decent damage I got another engine (ca18) for free to replace it. I haven't been to the track since March last year due to my car getting defected, saved up and bought a cheap R32 that isn't a defect magnet, can't wait to get even if it does take me another year, till then I'll just play some live for speed
  6. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    the issue is the people that spin then think they are in a burnout comp, if you spin get off the track or get go going again asap not put your foot down as you are spinning so the next car has to stop drifting.
  7. opportunity for another drift track in south Australia

    the straight means big fast entries, it would take away from the fun factor without it, having somewhere to pick up speed then flick it hard into a corner = win
  8. Gran Turismo 6 announced

    it wasn't fun because its not a good sim, the physics are shit, i hope they completely rework the physics or it will just be a game I'll play for about a week before I'm sick of it. with some of the PC sims that are coming out like Assetto Corsa and Rfactor 2 they really need to step up on the physics side or it will feel even more outdated then it already does, about all it has going for it atm is it feels better then Forza so it wins the console sim race I agree with the credit grind, I got to a point where I had to do the same boring race over and over to get money tho this could be because I kept wasting it on drift cars.
  9. post driver briefing online and inform spectators on what they want to see from the drivers (this is something that is lacking big time from SA events), hand out a guide to spectators on the day maybe. people are confused because they either ignore the info that is given, they don't understand it or there is just a lack of info altogether.
  10. the laws are a joke and have nothing to do with safety and the targeting of cars like ours only happens because of the hoon hype, people love to blame others and we are a easy target to blame for the road toll even with we (hoons in high powered modified cars) represent a very very small perfect of the road toll and even less of those deaths are caused by illegal mods, the driver is the issue not the car the op could and probably has been driving this car for awhile and will keep driving it with illegal mods and they will never cause a crash anyway 180sx looks good, love watching raw in car footage of other drivers even if its not drifting
  11. feint small drift the opposite way, scando big drift at least that is how I have always seen it, explain it to the drivers the right way and it won't matter what you call it as long as they understand what you want to see flicking it hard into the corner is the part that matters the most and something Andy does very well video here gives a good view of a bunch of runs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNdD6ksHlx8
  12. Forza Motorsport 4

    my suggestion is not to bother with a wheel for Forza, its the force feedback fairly horrible even with the best wheels that cost $400+ XCM F-1 Convertor will make G25 and G27 work with the xbox but it won't have any force feedback so I see no point in even bothering with it just buy a G27 and get a PC sim
  13. Hydraulic handbrake setup?

    http://www.gktech.com/index.php/s13-180sx-handbrake-extenders-1.html just buy this, works very well even with stock s13 brakes and shitty pads I use
  14. Official ~Live For Speed~ Thread

    I had my G25 for about 5 years, since they 1st came out, I broke the H shifter then the next week Dick Smith had G27's for $120 the force feedback is smoother and stronger, the H shifter feels much better if you already have a G25 that works then I wouldn't upgrade unless you get lucky like me and pick one up for really cheap
  15. Official ~Live For Speed~ Thread

    saw you on the other day, username is Master-Nick just put the wheel from my 180sx onto my g27, need to get used to playing with it:P really wish the new tyre physics were out, tyre's atm are stuffed after half a lap