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  1. Get the s13 blacktop 96-99 power fc
  2. The Heavy Music Thread

    Insomnium is my favourite, i got hooked on them, im still waiting for them to come downunder. Omnium gatherum is another good one
  3. old school s13s?

    Very nice Tobias, what is the offset and tyre size of those longchamps? Do you have any trouble with speed bumps at that ride height?
  4. rims for s13

    hey driftmatt, Are you running alot of camber to fit those wheels in guard. Do you have to pull the guard alot or just roll it out abit? Looks nice and flush there front and back
  5. sr20 heater hoses

    Hi, did it work out for u Drifta-X? do u think it's worthed? thinking bout getting the heater hose kit from asi or autobahn88, If someone can share their installation of this kit on their engine bay that would be of great help. Otherwise might just replace the 2 radiator hoses. Cheers
  6. old school s13s?

    lol, im on the same boat, been lookin around for 15 longchamps to fit my type x, Only found 15x7 +11 and 15x7 -1 This is the exact same offset, front +11, rear -1 but not clear on how it sits on stock guard, I guess it would be quite flush??? How did u guys find the ground clearance on 15" running 55 or 60 tyres, could you get 100mm clearance with decent ride height (not crazily low)? or it will be some scraping through speed bumps. Anyway this is another nice s13 running 14" longchamp, but would be scraping everywhere.
  7. +1 yea pretty sure its "super black" color code KH3
  8. 180SX SR20DET Workshop Manual

    Just adding to the collection. 180sx SR20DET Japanese
  9. Just an update, I've just done my oil change last week, and put in a new filter. Clean it with degreaser and guess what still leaks. I'm putting a white cloth around the area to see where the leaks first come out. But I never come across anyone that has the same problem as mine, I'm suspecting the oil block is leaking though.
  10. heavy duty clutch

    Are u 100% sure it's the standard heavy duty? not heavy duty clutch button or something else? exedy heavy duty feels almost the same as stock clutch.
  11. STupid question

    Rain X has helped me stop my brand new rear wiper from squeeking
  12. boost controller question

    greddy profec b spec II do the job, it has 2 settings low and hi. Then u can set it to off mode running stock boost if you dont want ppl to fak around or unplug the power source and hide it somewhere.
  13. I remember when I was in high school back in 2001 I'm still on my L and looking to buy an s13 after watching initial D , and nissansilvia is the only oz site when i type in search engine on my 56k internet . Cant believe the community grows this big by now.