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  1. Need to flare guards urgently

    his loving it man !
  2. Need to flare guards urgently

    geting a head job from his mum under water stylez
  3. Need to flare guards urgently

  4. Need to flare guards urgently

    i love you to kevin phe phe phe !
  5. Need to flare guards urgently

    no chance man
  6. Need to flare guards urgently

    no chance here's my chance to go hard out at that gay mod xris (aka sad ass mother f**ker)
  7. Need to flare guards urgently

    better go back to your shop if case someone is breaking in there again bitches (waiting for the ban like you always do you slut face mole)
  8. d.t - 3 primal - 0 watch this thread get locked hahahaha
  9. Post pics of your tatts

    i depends on how the persons body reacts to it i still got mine after a year has gone by p.s that shit burns like acid on the skin
  10. im a bad boy

    You have to be a member for 12mnths+ or have atleast 100 posts to sell stuff on here. Sorry dude, i dont make the rules. tiger_s13
  11. my boss is the best ! we go eat together go get tattoos together surf the net together. i slack off all night at work and read ns and chat and talk on the phone and get high pay oh i forgot to mention his also my brother
  12. Decks + Laptop + 500 People + Club = Failure?

    dj kronic at eve on 3 turntables. the guy has some good skills i got one of his mix tapes if you want it let me know il uplaod it when i have a chance on another note mick gato (underbelly) was there the other night hahahah fish : Unfortunately vinyl is pretty much already dead .... GO DIE ?
  13. Handguns

    ^^ does he do cash jobs ? il drive down and get as much as he has ! hahaahah
  14. CA - SR gearbox needed asap

    cac krFOURzie got it so delete thread pls