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  1. FOR SALE: Garrett 3071 turbo Sitting on s15 stock manifold with 44mm Tial External gate welded onto the manifold. 1k for turbo, manifold and gate (will sell seperate) inbox for price Varex - Twin 3" inlet twin 3" outlet muffler. Comes complete with all wiring, 2 remotes. $200 4x Nismo 740cc Injectors 100% working order. $450 Tomei CAMS Tomei Drop in cams 256/264 $500 Can provide more picture or information on request. Contact me on 0431 three three three 595 or via pm

    nice.. how much you pick that up for? what mods?
  3. I would highly recommend frank from allsparks. Wouldn't trust anyone else with my car. here's he's number if you wanna call to get a quote (03) 9331-6110. Located in keilor east
  4. the evolution saw looks the goods. will need to invest in one of those. whats the prices for getting new blades? do you get them off ebay as well?
  5. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  6. Which Tig?

    How much for the foot pedal?
  7. Which Tig?

    Pretty happy with the transtig 200. Only thing I can fault it is the massive torch but guess I'll get used to it. Also looking into getting a helmet. For some reason when I strike the ark I get flashed for half a second then the auto darkening kicks in. Gonna save up and get a speedglas 9100xx.
  8. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  9. Which Tig?

    Just picked up the weldskill 200 ac/dc will have a play with it tommorow =]
  10. Which Tig?

    Good welder but being a cigweld I doubt it will be very cheap $1500 from silverwater welding :-) Just for a quote from them and they wanted $4200 =/
  11. Which Tig?

    I'm looking at getting this tig, http://www.allwelding.com.au/epages/alal8270.sf/en_AU/?ObjectPath=/Shops/alal8270/Products/CIGW1003001 and of you guys using this? Going to be using it for light fab work at home
  12. mighty car mods drift build ftmfw!!!
  13. Ohh snap, this thing will hall ass
  14. 17th March Practice day

    Car 201 silver type x
  15. Is it nesesary to put a pipe through the cat once you're punched it out?
  16. 17th March Practice day

    1st time out and had an awesome time. Drove the car up there, gave it a beating then drove it home so happy with the car
  17. Got back from my holidays to find a nice letter from the EPA. Help a brother out. Can anyone lend or alternatively want to sell me their standard cat back exhaust for s13/180sx? Only need it to pass the test. Help me out and I'll give discounts on parts I'm selling or beers of your choice
  18. 180SX Project - 472HP @ 23PSI

    One of the best 180's I've seen.
  19. Need to borrow an S13/180sx air box

    ive got one your mate can borrow.. im from the western suburbs though.
  20. Show us your custom Intercooler Piping

    Alright thanks kemp, im going to get some material and give it a crack over the next few weeks. Ill post up pics when its done. Are you using filler wire or just fuse?
  21. Show us your custom Intercooler Piping

    Bit off topic but what thickness you guys using for the cooler piping? stainless 304?
  22. Tommorow is ON. Yeahh buddy looking forward to some skids
  23. Just spoke to deca shepparton, unless Matt makes payment and sends in documents by 5pm today it's not going ahead.