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  1. Did ya dissconnect and remove the tailshaft brah??? But seriously, make sure the starter motor bolts are out. Gear shifter removed AND rotate the gear box around either clockwise or anti-clockwise whilst pulling towards rear of car and it shoud literally fall out. PS: drain oil first and make sure the gearbox input shaft isnt catching on the pressure plate/clutch cover as you are removing it.
  2. s14 gearbox into a s15

    The guy beforehand did the conversion. In saying that, my best mate just did it to his S15 and including S14 clutch kit, its cost him so far about $1500.
  3. s14 gearbox into a s15

    I got a S2 S14 box in my S15 and love it! So much better than the 6spd imo.
  4. Which seat rail?

    On the Jap Bride site, it states i need rail RH : N301LF So.... the LF rail then?
  5. Which seat rail?

    Ahhh.....win to you sir.
  6. Did this FMIC kit require you to remove your BOV? My HPI kit for my S15 did. If this is so, maybe you got a vacuum leak from one of the stock BOV vacuum lines.
  7. Hey all, Got another Bride Vios III Low max seat sold my other one) but hasn't got a rail with it. Been looking around and cant really find a definitive answer as to which rail to use. Its for a S15 btw. Thanks.
  8. Kumho KU36 Blitz

    2x 235/45/17 delivered to 2315. Thanks
  9. Track S15

    Yeh, came with a few bits and pieces. Was from adelaide. Haven't mounted gauges yet...still contemplating how and where to put em... Putting the bride low max seat in this weekend....after blue slip on sat morning. OMG...didn't realise blue slipping a modified car in NSW was such a massive effort....epa test and noise tests and so on.
  10. Track S15

    Thanks for the comments lads. I'll be ditching the Enkei's for blue slip though seeing as the fitment is so out. A problem that will soon be fixed. Sending it off to the body shop to have the front end fixed up and front and rear guards pulled to fit them properly.
  11. Track S15

    This is my new S15. Has basic stuff: FMIC Fuel pump 3" exhaust Coilovers Vertex kit Enkei RPF01 17x9 (+12 or so) etc etc On the way/ready to go in: GT2871r .64 Cusco Cage Bride Low max seats Nistune Nismo 740's BC 264's ProfecB2 Defi boost, oil temp and pressure, water temp gauges AEM UEGO wideband AFR system and gauge Once blue slipped, it'll be stripped and re-built from ground up for track duties. Build thread to follow soon. (PS: phone photos) Thanks for looking !
  12. S15 diff swap

    Ahhh, rattle gun ay. I'll give it a go this weekend coming but i doubt it'll help....purely because of how easy the bolt was to turn. But yeh, i'll try.
  13. S15 diff swap

    Anyone ???
  14. Hey all, I'm in the process of removing a S14 diff from my S15 to reinstall a proper S15 diff. Now, all was going smooth until I went to remove the two diff mount bolts near the diffs ABS sensor.... one came out fine and the other just free spins and doesn't undo or tighten....wtf!? So yeah, I assume that what this bolt screws into is captive inside the subframe? What do? Thanks in advance.
  15. S15 clutch issue

    Gonna give NPC a call tomorrow, see what they recommend for a daily 250rwkw.