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  1. s13 Radiator Suppot Panel - Melbourne

    Want it gone. If it does not sell this weekend, its going to the scrap metal bin
  2. s13 Radiator Suppot Panel - Melbourne

    Item: S13 Radiator Suport Panel, cut from the middle of the strut towers forward. Description: Very Good condition, Price: $50 COD Location: Knoxfield, Melbourne Willing to post?: No Contact: PM me. Pictures should be attached.
  3. Item: S14/R33 Rear Suspension Cradle/ K Frame/ Crossmember, whatever you call it Description: Good condition, non HICAS (Or whatever it is called) Price: $50 COD Location: Knoxfield, Melbourne Willing to post?: No Contact: PM me. If its not sold within two weeks its going to the scrap metal bin. If you really want pictues I'll SMS them to you, but its just a standard crossmember, Picture now attached!
  4. S13 Steering Rack - Melbourne

    Item: S13 Power Steering Rack Description: Taking up room, time to move it on. Price: $50 for the rack Location:Knoxfield - Melbourne Willing to post?: No Contact: PM me
  5. Z32 Rear Alloy Knuckles - Melbourne

    Item: Z32 Rear Alloy Knuckles. Both left and right Description: I have a pair of Z32 rear alloy knuckles that will fit a s13, s14 and s15 rear suspension assembly. They are considerable lighter than the case items as well as not having a history of cracking. The standard s13, s14, s15 rear shock/spring assemble will NOT fit on this, and you will need to get the correct part for this. It comes with the conical spacer so you can run the standard ball joint. Price: $100 for the set. Location: Knoxfield, Melbourne Willing to post?: Nope. You must collect yourself. Dont even ask if I will post because the answer is no. Contact: PM
  6. VIC s14 right rear hub assembly

    now with a photo!
  7. VIC s14 right rear hub assembly

    Item: ADM rear hub, knuckle, lower control arm, half shaft, rotor, brake caliper and hand brake cable. All complete. Description: Not sure how I ended up with this, but dont want it and want it gone. Rubbers on calipers look very good. Price: $20 Location: Knoxfield, Eastern Suburbs Melbourne Willing to Post: No Contact: PM me with your mobile number and I'll contact you. If I dont contact you it means its gone.
  8. Nismo vs standard s15 gearbox

    If the gearbox is out of the car, take the rear extension housing off and count the number of gears on 6th gear. If the ratio is .7 something its a standard gear. If its .8 something then its either a Nismo g/box or its a standard gearbox with the Nismo ratio 6th gear
  9. If you think the brake rotor has excessive runout after being machined, it could be that the maching of the rotor was not done correctly (highly unlikely) or the flange where the rotor sits is not square. This could be because it is warped (highly unlikely) or there is an object (dirt, sclae, rust) between the flange face and the rotor. Take the rotor off and clean the flange with a wire brush. then clean it with some solvent so it is spotless. then make sure that the flange on the rotor that sits against the hub flange is also spotless. After doing this, put the rotor on, put on some wheel nuts and check for the runout. If runout is still there something else is wrong.
  10. 80% track 20% street use. Brake pads!

    I've used "Performance Friction Component" brake pads on a rally car and they are awesome. Great feel, very little rotor wear and work from cold and I cant get them to fade, but rally cars dont go as fast as circuit cars. I can get the rotors to glow red. I have used the Lucas pads before, as a stop gap measure and they were OK, but nothing on the PFC pads.
  11. Actually, the spring is the shock absorber and what is commonly called the "shocker" is a dampner. What should be being asked is. What is intended purpose, what ride height do you have, what tyres are you going to run and how much $$ you want to spend.
  12. R32 GTR Swaybar in S13

    bigger roll bar on the front = understeer, or less oversteer bigger roll bar on the rear = oversteer, or less understeer
  13. 180sx violent Axle Tramp

    Its a worn bush. Seek and fix. the side that is drooping more is the likely culprit, but not always.
  14. s15 gearbox into s14

    I have read that the 6 speed gearbox is rated to 209lb-ft of torque. No 2 litre n/a motor is going to produce that, so they are fine, perhaps ideal for a n/a motor. A motor that is extensively boosted will produce more than that. Big torque is what kills transmissions.
  15. Kinked chassis rail

    The photos are not real flash, but from a man who has bent a few rally cars this is my advice. Get it put on a rack and get it pulled straight (well as close to straight as you will get it). Get a plate welded on the affected area. Get adjustible control arms and castor arms. Get wheel alignment done and get it as close as possible. My experience is that once they are bent they are never quite the same again. The old shit boxes I have never were square, even from the factory so I had no hope. Not sure what a s13 is like but you should be able to get it straight enough so it does not pull to one side and track straight.