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  1. Gday all i am converting a 97 sr20det 180sx to 5stud...whilst the front remains 4 stud FRONT CONVERSION PENDING... HUBS: S14, S15 , any skyline gts-t or gtr from r32 - 34? Lower Control Arms: S14 or S15 QUESTION: Wat brakes offer good responsive stopping power...without lots of pedal travel?(im using 180sx stock brake master cylinder) BRAKES+CALIPERS: S14 >same question as s15 S15 > these silvia brakes bigger/better than 180sx stock brakes? R32 Gts-t > best option performance and price??? R33 Gts-t >bigger than r32? R32 GTR > even bother? REAR: using S15 hubs+ brakes whilst still retaining original calipers Any input is greatly appreciated !!
  2. 1991 Nissan Cefiro A31 - $6,500

    still for sale? :I
  3. Hey NS Im running a 97 ADM S14 SR20DET with T28 bush bearing 3" turbo back exhaust, Front mount inter-cooler and an electronic blitz controller set about 13 psi, newly chipped nistune ECU.. the car is about 190,000kms but in good working order as it used to be an automatic My main concerns is that its slow to come on boost and very lazy down low.. the was some rattling noise on idle lately (noisy lifters) that comes and goes.. At what rpm do they come on boost and hit full boost? thanks alot any advice apprecitated
  4. Yep that is the plan but it should have have been running a stock map..whats the maximum power and boost i should be getting after a tune then?
  5. Problem solved: The ECU that got the nisstune chipped had alot of retarded timing..whatever the case we put the original stock ECU in and the engine was ramping up normal...not sure why the chipped ecu didnt have the same map right?
  6. yeah pretty much...lazy down low.. but if its still got the auto ratio it should feel quicker anyway..the higher the number the shorter the gears?
  7. so i should find a s14 manual diff or look to a 2 way mechanical then? how do i know mine is still an auto diff also? thanks again
  8. After a Left hand side 200sx S14 series 2/kouki tail light in top condition black with no fade or damage cheers
  9. WTB: S15 front struts

    after stock s15 struts .. or lowered sports shocks
  10. good condition for age.. some scratches and one dent on cannon but cannot be seen when on car will take $100 this weekend 0422-40-30-99
  11. sold please delete

  12. Good condition No scratches, bit faded and grey now so i am selling it heaps cheap...one light bulb missing but the wreckers dont even give u the adapter or globe and sell for expensive $100 now for the set! cheap and honest quick sale 0422-40-30-99 Located North Adelaide/Prospect Area 0422-40-30-99 will post eventually if no one else buys them locally..comments read
  13. Hey NS I am after a mint S15 ball bearing turbo or Garret GT2860 .64 exhaust housing for my daily s14 streeter after response ...and do you normally change the cams to get more response with these turbos? cheers
  14. WTB : S15 bb Turbo or Garrett GT2860 .64

    Thanks.. Accidentally down voted cause phone keyboards r too small
  15. WTB: s14 series 2 tailights

    After some s14 s2 tailights with pure black Centre garnish and infill. Cheers
  16. Hey Guys After a S14 Radiator (S15 the same?) in good condition in either stock or aftermarket variety cheers
  17. S15 Parts Galore - $50

    s15 radiator same as s14? if so post to adelaide?
  18. S15 garage sale

    keen on the stock s15 radiator for my s14. will it fit?
  19. Hey NS My engine and boost get heaps choppy...like the computer is cutting out on full boost as i rev up...on 13psi using a blitz older style ebc Specs: turbo-back exhaust air intake blitz ebc running 7psi-10psi-13psi modes only cuts out on 13psi...but surely these can handle 14-15psi even stock? cheers
  20. thanks for all the advice. i wish i knew how to set the boost on blitz ebc from 13 to 12psi.
  21. then i can run 13psi and rev smoothly?
  22. Thanks alot.. ill just leave it on 10psi from now on
  23. 1. S14 Struts and spare springs $160 2. S14 stock airbox $20 3. stock dump pipe and exhaust to cat $30 4. S14 jungle green right side mirror (minus glass) $30 5. genuine HKS mushroom pod $30 6. genuine universal Apexi air filter + adapter brand new $60(didn't fit SR) 7. K&N air filter suit SR with adapter $30 8. s13 centre console $20 9. blitz boost gauge $20 10. Rubber air intake pipe $20 Cheers