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  1. If the tunnel hasn't been bashed to fit the 25 box then for sure it'd be the rb20 box, You could change bell housings over with an SR20 box also but you'll need a new tailshaft and the shifter will sit further back. The SR box is just as weak as the RB20 box unless send the gearset off to get Cryogenic Treatment. I'd just bite the bullet and chuck an RB25det box behind it and start bashing the tunnel to get it to fit. The 25 box will handle alot more power from factory also.
  2. my rb25 is slipping

    NPC make a great clutch combo
  3. Fuel millege on R32 GTS-T?

    Our R32 got dyno tuned at the start of the year on 16psi, FMIC, Pod Filter, Haltech Platinum Pro. Now gets 580ks out of a full tank city driven.
  4. r33 idle control valve mods

    Yes it will work.
  5. Sounds like the Idle Control Valve is playing up every once in a while. I'd be giving that a good cleanout with throttlebody cleaner and see how you go.
  6. TPS/ Throttle questions

    Is it the throttle position sensor or another problem, the engine should still run off maf and load points even if you unplug the TPS. I would personally check the tune, when upgrading throttle body to a larger item you will loose inlet airflow velocity giving you a flat spot down low and more horsepower in the higher rpm. If you want to eliminate the flat spot, get it tuned to suit that throttle body. If you miss the down low poke your car used to have, put a 60 or 70mm throttle body on and you shouldn't have to tune around it. 80mm seems to throw the airflow out too much for the computer to compensate especially with an aftermarket plenum. www.fat333performance.com.au
  7. Power fc/ebc reset

    No it won't affect performance appart from the fact that your running 7psi instead of 14psi.
  8. Out of curiosity would a stuffed iac valve still affect idle if the afm was unplugged? (since it would be in closed loop mode I'm guessing it may not?) Closed Loop only adjusts fuel by small percentages after reading your o2 sensor and working with your short term long term fuel trims to get to 14.7afr, it needs an rpm and air flow reading to even start the car in cold start mode which will run for approx. 20 sec before changing into closed loop. For the nissan computer to adjust its idle it only has capabilities of opening and closing the idle control valve unlike other operating systems that change throttle angle, timing and fuel to keep a steady idle. Yes it would still be struggling to idle if not completely die with the AFM unplugged, it obviously has a good operational AFM as the car boosts and revs, etc. People have found that the output amperage from the factory ECU to the IAC valves in Nissans is not strong enough to operate once corroded or old. I've noticed on most if not all Nissan engines that come in for an aftermarket ECU have bad idles and as soon as the Power FC or Haltech goes in it runs an absolute treat.
  9. Power fc/ebc reset

    It will be fine, when you got it tuned they would have tuned all your boost levels up to 14psi, and maybe threw it up to 15 for a run to check it would be safe in a boost spike situation.
  10. CA18DET Tuning

    I'd suggest Haltech, Microtech or Power FC, complete adjustability from bigger injectors to changing actual timing and fuel values. Stay away from the ECUs that change an input signal, there's just not enough tunability for safe high horsepower applications.
  11. Then have a look at cleaning your IAC valve, could be getting stuck like alot of them do.
  12. dump pipe question

    Bellmouth???? for dump pipe???
  13. Bosch Dump Valves work well and have lasted me many years on all my cars.
  14. S13 brake question.

    Cefiro calipers and rotors fit the S13, direct bolt on upgrade, obviously need new pads and might want to get the rotors machined. Got my last full set off this site for $90 then machined for $60 new pads I think came under the $200 mark.Good upgrade but you might want bigger so see how ya go.
  15. Motor / Year: ca18det-1989 What failed: Melted Valve Seats How it failed: Wastegate stuck closed at 9000rpm pushing 40psi threw motor, leaned out. Tune state: Tuned on 32psi, 374hp/atw Microtech, no boost cut, rev limit was on 9500rpm Oil used/servicing internals: Penrite, every 5000ks Treatment: Thrashed to destruction Comment: Rebuilding fresh block to try crack 500hp+ http://www.fat333performance.com.au