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  1. Weds racing wheels & tyres

    Selling my weds racing wheels and tyres, the tyres at the front have about 50% thread rears about 50-60%.. Offsets are 17x 9 and 17 x 8 Located in Liverpool 0414 323 323 Alan
  2. Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Kilometres : 71000 Price : $17,000 Condition : Used Very very clean S15 almost spotless , no scratches no dints AT ALL , pearl white and a rare color. stock as a rock...! the battery tray has never been cut for a cooler !! not many like them around no more , immaculate inside and out.! Only selling due to buying an investment property overseas , price is Nego.. (no joy riders as i will be driving the car in a test drive) so you wont be disappointed! The car is stock with one year rego ! , the only mods on the car are: 3 inch turbo back Zaust Twin plate clutch Front whiteline sway bar Rear sway bar Spy alarm Front tower strut brace Pod filter Kenwood CD/MP3/AUX player Aero wipers S15 GT auspec stock wheels located in Liverpool area 0423 555 842 Alan
  3. Stolen S15 (MYS15J)

    insurance ?
  4. i have the same issue i have changed boost gauge boost sensor and no luck , best bet would be get an aftermarket boost gauge .
  5. indeed. ok guys problem solved . it was the front calipers that needed manual bleeding , so the mech took them off and manually bled them , as when you pump pressure with the calipers on and everything only one side of the caliper will throw out the air .. thanks for all your inputs hope my experience will help others as well .
  6. i am using the stock master cylinder . i dont know about faulty calipers maybe the member "madz_s15" can shet some lights since i bought the whole set from him !!!
  7. i will have a look tomo , the guy who done the job is a mobile mechanic so he knows what he is doing
  8. you can't pump 3 times. you have to pump 7 times then you feel a grip .... the thing is no matter how many times we pump/bleed it the brake still comes on after 7th time . following parts have been bled ABS. bleed vales near all 4 wheels with pressure and reverse bleeding. still needs to be pumped 7 times before the brake grips you would think it would at least reduce to 4 or 5!
  9. master cylinder is fine . have done that method 1st that is why we moved on to reverse bleeding but still nothing !
  10. after i had the brembo kit replaced with stock kit these were replaced calipers discs brake lines master cylinder brake fluid the guy wo done the work even used the bleeder vaccum from peps but there is still no brake , it comes on but after you hit it like 7 times !!! what can cause this issue ? anyone !!!
  11. mobile mechanic needed liverpool

    calipers discs brake lines handbrake cables master cylinder were all replaced , still no brake after reverse bleed with the bleeder vaccum from peps !!!
  12. mobile mechanic needed liverpool

    someone from here done the work but there is still no brake , he has done reverse bleed with the bleeder still brake comes on after 7 hits !!
  13. Listing Of Workshops In Sydney

    i need a mechanic to replace my brembo kit on the S15 with the stock kit , anyone ?? 0423 555 842 Al
  14. Mobile mechanic needed

    no one ?