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  1. Samsung galaxy S3 leaked?

    What new tech? 4G/NFC? http://ics.samsung-updates.com/ Ice Cream Sammich for Galaxy S1. Rocking all the new soft-tech.
  2. What console would you buy?

    If you reformat your HDD from NFTS to FAT32 this solves that issue and you get a 1 or TB drive that's PS3 compatible. No it doesn't. Please re-read.
  3. Phuket/Thailand

    BKK Police are on the Island again... Bangla will be closed down at 2 AM tonight.
  4. Uncharted

    64% through the storyline now. Getting past the first 25% took me 2-3 times as long as the next 40%. Hopefully be Platinum very shortly...
  5. Uncharted

    I decided I wanted to go Platinum on Uncharted 1 & 2 before starting 3. Uncharted 1 on crushing difficulty is... well... crushing. lol, but surprisingly is actually getting easier as I go, it's the guys with the pistols who are most accurate (and on crushing a couple hits will kill you regardless of which weapon they use) so once they move up to higher power, but far less accurate weapons, you don't die as often. Slow going...
  6. Would probably result in chronic masturbation... awkwarrrd!
  7. The Chinese hock too much phlegm to ever be cool.
  8. More ching chong chinamen are learning English than there are people living in Britain. Yeah, it's gonna be around for a while.
  9. What happened to hip hop/rap?

  10. By that reasoning, we should ban all kitchen knives sharper than a bread knife and bigger than a paring knife, every car that can do over 110 km/hr, etc etc. I f**king hate our politians. BTW in 1978 a Fox Terrier killed a 3 month old baby in pram in Victoria. Every breed is deadly, if brought up irresponsibly. There's a simple fix - if YOUR dog attacks or bites someone, YOU get charged with assault. If it kills someone, YOU get charged with manslaughter. Watch how quickly people start paying attention to training their pets like they bloody well should. Ceasar Millan will make millions!! Especially those little yapping bastards who nip everyone that walks past. I'll be filing assault charges left and right. Most aggressive, insecure little bastards ever, and their owners let it go because they think it's okay because they're small.
  11. Galaxy Tab (original) running Gingerbread

    I never got my knickers in a knot - up until 30 seconds ago - you asked a question so I answered it. Since this is an open forum, every post is open for everyone else to respond to. If you don't want to use a pre-honeycomb tablet, more power to you, but since at least one person on here probably has a pre Gingerbread tablet lying around, the thread does have a use, whether or not it pleases you. Stop being such a Negative Nancy.
  12. Galaxy Tab (original) running Gingerbread

    Because a tablet that isn't running honeycomb, nor is 1ghz dual core, nor costs >$600 is easily doing whatever Buoy needs it to do, without being 10+ inches (that is too big to put in your jacket pocket). And since Buoy is more tech savvy than most people on this forum, it's probably pretty easy to see that if you are a standard tablet user (web/mail/chat/ereader/angry birds) then it might be a worthwhile choice. Cheaper? yes. More portable? yes. Same basic functionality? yes. It looks like it came as much a surprise to him that it could do what he needed as it would be to you if you did the same, which is why he bothered to share his experience with us.
  13. things that annoy you

    Yes, FOBby Asians don't have much, if any, driver skill. But atleast they use common sense when driving. Here everyone just looks at the signs and lights. No one actually pays attention to where their car is going to be in 10-15 seconds time. I've seen Australians pull out into a traffic light when traffic hadn't cleared yet just because the light went green. Uhh, where the f**k do you think you're going to go other than the side of the car in front of you?? People in Adelaide are hardly ever considerate on the roads - they block you when you try to merge into their lane for a moment because there's a large truck parked in your lane, etc. They drive next to each other constantly. If they drove in zipper formation, as seen a lot in Asia (and probably other parts of the world), each car has room to swerve around dangers, or merge over a bit to get around obstacles. I was riding my bike and there was a 1 km traffic jam, but extremely wide lanes. People were actively moving their cars to block me from lane splitting. No, it's not following the letter of the law to a t, but if I can get to the intersection where there's a turn off for me, that's one less vehicle in the retarded traffic jam, and a very simple risk assessment put it that I had nearly 2 metres between stationary cars, I would only be travelling at 10km/hr, so the dangerousness of my actions was extremely low. But no, people see you coming and they almost put their car sideways to stop you from getting in front of them. South Road, southwards of the big overpass, is the epitome of Adelaide's idiotic driving nature. The level of retardation shown by competent drivers makes me fearful for the future of the human race.
  14. Team Upwithsandyvag....?

    And I decided LBL is the best Basketball League. EVAR. http://lingeriebasketball.com/