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  1. IHI C7 (TD07 equivalent)

  2. IHI C7 (TD07 equivalent)

    IHI C7 (TD07 equivalent) I have an IHI C7 turbo for sale. I ran this turbo on my SR20 200sx, it made 450rwhp on 25psi on pump 98 fuel on the PITS dyno and the car backed it up with 133mph trap speeds at Willowbank It has a ~66mm inducer on the compressor and the back wheel measures around the same. Started spooling on my SR20 with big cams and 8.5:1 comp at around 3000rpm and full boost just after 4700rpm. There is minimal shaft movement up and down, no shaft movement "in and out" Has a few tiny chips on the inducer blades as can be seen, which is to be expected for a used turbo. Comes with the adaptor for the rear housing to take a 3" dump pipe, has a T4 flange. Price is 500ono, located on the north side of Brisbane. Please phone or text 0415 952 006 as I don't frequent the forums that often. I have sold my car, but kept this turbo as I was planning to build a RB of some description, but I've lost interest so I'm letting it go. Cheers, Ahmed
  3. Cam selection for over 450rwhp

    avoid going solid lifters, stick with the hydrolic and keep the revs under 8000rpm. I used hks 264 in and 272 exhaust with a billet td06 from hypergear. On e85 I made a touch under 500rwhp with more in the setup.
  4. Hi all, Got a box full of stock SR20 pistons, rods, head bolts, rocker cover gaskets, thermostat housings, water temp sensors, some kind of tensioner. What you see in the box is basically what you get. $20 bucks for the box of stuff in it. $30 bucks for the exhaust manifold. Located in Brisbane, price is negotiable. Call or text 0 4 one five 9 5 2 zero zero six. Cheers.
  5. GTR prices

    same deal with shotbox silvias... *milkshakes* still want around 8-10k for a f**ked out turbo silvia thats close to 25 years old!!!
  6. sr22det stroker making low power

    you've got a blockage somewhere in the system. Either in the exhaust or cooler piping.
  7. Mickey Thompson DRAG Radials

  8. HKS valve springs

  9. HKS valve springs

    For sale slightly used HKS heavy duty valve springs, have done less than 5000kms, I just upgraded to different springs as I was chasing more power with more boost and rpms. Were fine for 330rwkw and 8000rpm. Have original receipts of proof of purchase. Selling as I don't have a car anymore and I'm getting rid of my car. $80 bucks ono Located north side of Brisbane. Cheers, Ahmed
  10. Tomei Rocker arm stoppers

    Sold to Rob! Sorry Tim, I just saw your reply after Rob picked them up. Otherwise I would have helped you install them as I just recently bought a lightweight torque wrench for cam cap duties.
  11. Tomei Rocker arm stoppers

    f**k off time waster
  12. Tomei Rocker arm stoppers

    So I just saw that gktech are selling these for 50 bucks. Was not aware of this. Price is now 20 bucks.
  13. Tomei Rocker arm stoppers

  14. Tomei Rocker arm stoppers

    Set of Tomei rocker arm stoppers to suite SR20DET engine. $50ono located on North brisbane Please PM or phone 0 4 1 5 9 5 2 zero zero six
  15. I went with the bosch injectors because everyone that I knew was running them. On occasion you'll here a horror story, but it all depends on how you use the car. If you start the car at least once a week, or even better, drive it once or twice a week you'll have no problems. I have heard other people having problems because they leave the car sitting for ages and that's when the corrosion sets in and you get bad running injectors. EFI hardware sell top feed e85 injectors but they are pretty costly and they aren't 2200cc i believe. Make sure you get the right filters and shit as well. I got my rail and injectors from a place called dirt devil industries on the West side of Brisbane. I also used the stock fuel pressure regulator as I have a huge distrust for aftermarket regulators. But if you plan on doing the same then best of luck, because the fitting is rarer than rocking horse shit.