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  1. living the dream

    Or both.
  2. Medical Advice...

    Gotta love how people appeal to the NS forums for answers on everything from relationship advice, turbo troubleshooting to medical diagnosis. My advice, go see a doctor.
  3. living the dream

    Sorry but I don't wish I could live the dream by assaulting politicians, speak for yourself.
  4. resprayed wiper arms and plastic shroud below them. so much nicer.
  5. BOVs illegal in SA

    Don't plumb it back if you're doing it to expect to avoid getting defected. It'll still get done. Much easier to run without a BOV or just run with one and plug it up when you go through the pits. BOVs are such a attention grabber to police though, not worth the minimal gain they provide.
  6. If someone in that situation changed cars in that manner, he'd have to be very careful. Of course, but that's besides the point. He'd clearly be LESS likely to hurt himself, or others, after going through 2-3 years on his P's in a Corolla then he would be if he jumped straight in the Silvia in the first place. If you think the danger is equally likely in both situations then I'd say that's a very unrealistic position to hold to and requires some justification. I advocated driver training a number of posts ago. With or without that training though, I think the restrictions will help. As for the bubble wrap, it kind of is going that way. I'll be happy as long as they don't try and ban alcohol.
  7. Course they can, but they're less likely to. It's definitely not ideal I agree. Like I said, if it means we're saving lives, then I'm for it.
  8. That's what government legislation does. It's like laws against using drugs. Sure, a bunch of people could use them responsibly but there's a minority who cause huge harm to themselves and others. Or another example, drinking ages, age of consent laws etc. We live in a paternalistic society where the government legislates to protect people from themselves. You might disagree with that completely, but these laws are hardly unique in utilizing this method. I support them because the collateral you're talking about is limiting P-platers to drive less powerful vehicles for 2-3years. I think that is a small price to play if it means we can save some lives.
  9. That's an interesting case study but I think the fact is undeniable when you look at the statistics. High powered cars crash more often. Also worth mentioning, it's road fatalities and serious injuries these laws are designed to address. These are the kinds of accidents we're seeing from high powered vehicles. I'd agree that you're probably more likely to have a rear-ender in peak hour in a Pulsar than an S15, but that's hardly the problem they're trying to address.
  10. Simply false. Sorry mate. Why do you think insurance premiums are more for high powered vehicles? They crash more often. It's a statistical fact. Of course it's possible to have an accident in any vehicle but it's about the likelihood of the accident increasing if you are driving a car with more power. I would agree that more driver training is needed, however I think this needs to be combined with the P-plate power restrictions. I'm for them and I said the same thing when I was on my P's driving my 180. Lastly, for those of you arguing against the law that are currently driving turbo/v8 vehicles that would be banned to you under the new rules, lets conduct a thought experiment... Imagine you weren't into cars and didn't own one of these vehicles and you read about the law. Can you see yourself making the same arguments? I really don't think so. It's a pragmatic, albeit a "band aid fix", approach by the government but I think it will definitely play a role in decreasing the road fatalities amongst young drivers. Lastly, lets not forget that these laws will apply to people who've lost there license for hoon offenses (regardless of age) and have to start again through the P plate system. Surely it's a good thing that these kinds of people can't get straight back into turbo/v8 cars? Forget about them injuring themselves, I'm just glad they'll be putting around in Corollas so they can't hurt others.
  11. Looking awesome! Looking forward to tuning results! Sold it to a young guy off here who had a CA auto before the Sky80. Nice guy, think he's down South though so that'd explain why you haven't seen it. Got yet another new front bar now too thanks to my parking skills. Supras are too expensive, don't feel right DIY'ing on them either. Want a project for my next car. RB a s13 me thinks. Are you doing the engine drop yourself?
  12. ...and i don't believe that you haven't done the same thing either. So stuff reading the rest of your tainted post. Did I say I hadn't? Although as it happens, I've never taken a car to that speed on a public road. My point was the stern condemnation coming from most of the posts in this thread just seem to too hypocritical to carry much weight. That said, I suppose it's better to do it, condemn it and be a hypocrite than it is to condone it. Hope I'm wrong, anyway.
  13. howdy shayler, fellow ex-sky80 owner checkin' in, haha. whole project looks f'ing porn. funnily enough im gunna hunt down a cheap s13 soon and head down a similar road. something about that sky80? weird. cant wait to read more. keep at it.
  14. Long distance relationships

    My advice? Log off NS, ring your best mate and have a chat to him about it.