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  1. Hey all, jus t wondering how people find solid engine/gearbox mounts??? Ive never had them on a car and I just want to know the difference in feel, response etc. Also are you more prone to breakages or anything like that? Are they hard to install? Any wisdom will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Holy crap!!! I knew suspension set up was like a dark art but wow, I to will be reading for years to come. Cheers.
  3. wide body kit install

    Ok, ill go have a look, thanks
  4. wide body kit install

    hey all, im currently about to install a full wide body kit (front and rear bars, skirts, front guards and rear guards) i have been watching a few vids on youtube.com as to how i should be cutting/preping my factory rear wheel arches. so far im under the impression that i need to seperate the outer skin from the inner black skin, then i need to cut about 250mm out of the outer skin so i can cut slits in the inner skin to fold up out of the way of scrubing and wrecking the rear wheels. who else has done this job before who can give me tips on cutting, fiber glassing, prep work and proper fitment of the bumpers (dont want to use just zip ties) thanks in advance
  5. It is very sad to see ppl doing this kind of stuff in built up areas. Im 23 with a 18month old and enjoy drifting but around houses is stupid, i live in a complex where there is alot of other young kids and the ppl without kids are the 1's "hooning" around. Ive coped alot of shit for my car being loud and idiots thinking im the 1 speeding, i just laugh and tell them i have a kid and im not stupid enough to speed in a very public place. My point is like a few others, there needs to be more places and venues for drifting, education is going to do alot more then fines. My 2 cents

    soooo keen, will we need helmets and what not to go on track? also what DZN60 said ^
  7. maybe i should have looked on my computer and not my phone. sorry
  8. hey all. i tried looking for a list or topic that could help but couldnt seem to find any. just wondering what exactly do i need to go 5 stud in my s13? i have a mate who is wrecking his s15 (i have access to all the suspension/breaks/arms etc) im getting the rotors and calipers but i figure i may as well do the full 5 stud while im at it. i just need to know what parts i will need to grab off his car to make it work on mine. all help will be greatly appreciated
  9. Monthly Megacruise (march)

  10. Insinc sliders s14 drift pig

    looks fricken awesome, love the bright green. im personaly going to paint my sil satin black all over (spray cans) but ur paint is really nice.
  11. HAGGIS - pics of new rims and bonnet!

    Hey bud, I have a rb20 sill and I'm keen as to get a front feed plenum. Was just wondering how ur plenum goes? Did u just get the standard plenum modified?
  12. my first drift/track/show car

    gi all, i currently own a subi turbo which has been fun but a very costly exercise so on the side i have been building another car. the shell is 1990 nissan silvia s13. it came with a shitty ca18de automatic which was soon replaced. the new motor is a fully forged sr20 with a 600hp turbo high mounted. ive put all the goodies into this project and once the car is running and registered i will be spending all my time on the body and paint. heres a sneak preview: hit me up with all opinions please, also i need an exhaust (front pipe back) with pipes
  13. wiring for s13

    best bet and quickest way would be to get an aftermarket computer, microtech are a sinch, complete wireing diagram and all the wires are labeled. if not try going to nissan and asking for a diagram. goog luck
  14. yea painting is fine, make sure you rub back the paint (u dont need to go back to bare metal) wet n dry the whole thing so its smooth as silk and then go over the entire area being painted with a wax and grease remover and dont touch again, if u do use the wax and grease remover again. prime the car, sand back with wet n dry till its smooth again, use wax and grease remover then u can paint it. thats like the quick semi pro way of painting, good luck