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  1. Let me know if you ever want to sell your t518z
  2. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    Love your 14 dude!!!!! By the way, are you selling your kouki pods by any chance?
  3. sorry to hijack but im in the same boat but with sp1's. I have 18x10+16, if i get new outer lips and widen by 1 inch, what would the new offset be? 18x11+ ?? cheers for any help
  4. From Cronulla to City roughly 3/4 days a week some times to Rockdale and back (45 mins driving to get to work) Plus driving to gym/shopping/natio.. Running on HSD coilovers, 18' wheels. All I can say is fugg Brides for a joke
  5. My daily has lowmax's and been in the car for at least 9 months. You do get used to getting in and out, but I developed a bad back problem to the point I cant sleep well at night or when I do drive after 20 mins my back starts hurting. The cushioning will wear down and flatten over time as its only like 2 inches thick. Ive recently swapped them back to my stock seats and pain went away! Back doesnt hurt any more. Another plus is now I can do the "Lakemba Lean Backs" with ease while I eat maccas at some nice purch spot hah Stock seat over Bride for daily ANY day for me. Im considering buying R34/33 GTR seats for the daily thing, then swap over to the lowmax's for events. Its only 4 bolts and 5 minutes to swap seats, not that bad! If you dont agree, lets see how good your back is after 8 months + of daily driving with the LowMax's
  6. HELP! S14a SR20DET EGI fuse blowing

    May have found the problem?? Loom wasnt tucked lol how dumb... Just have to wait for the battery to charge and hope for the best! Updates soon
  7. under bonnet fuse box

    Sorry for epic thread revival from the grave. But I took a pic of my mates 97 S14a SR20DET fuse box cover diagram. You probably have already fixed the problem but for anyone else that may need the pic, here it is.
  8. HELP! S14a SR20DET EGI fuse blowing

    MR031 - How do i do that way of checking those things? I just need to know what is powering this fuse, to blow??? Hence why I am asking where is the relay and what's the fuse is powered to?? Ill try that tho, Thanks matey
  9. HELP! S14a SR20DET EGI fuse blowing

    Dre - Yeah thanks man i appreciate that! I showed my friend that and he said he wants the fuse box cover diagram (dont ask why) and he said he needs to find where exactly is the EGI relay? He wants to know what that particular fuse is powered by? (I think I saw it on the manual and I'm pretty sure it says Ignition/fuel pump and I showed him but hes an arrogant *milkshake* and making no sence? lol) Sounds too confusing to me but maybe not to auto-sparkies here? Im still stuck
  10. HELP! S14a SR20DET EGI fuse blowing

    Thanks for the replys boys. Spike - Yeah I tried that and nothing.. Dre - Thanks man that would definatly be a help some time! hopefully now. Dont know if it helps but my friend said i need to find out where the EGI relay is and/or what the EGI fuse sends the power to/from. (the little fuse, 4th from the top going down) So maybe i need a diagram/map of the fuse box or something?? P.S. I did search for this problem for at least 2 hours for 3 nights before i posted this topic!!! Cheers!
  11. Hey there, Long story short.. Driving with low fuel, had to fill up. Pull into the servo and as I go up the drive way (obviously slight scrape from being low) my engine just turns off but the lights & power are still fine. (thinking it was just no fuel) I fill up $40, turn the ignition key and the engine just cranks over but no ignition. Tried about 10 times and just crank/turnover but no iginition. I noticed that my pump doesnt make that BZZZ noise when i prime it. Anyway, call NRMA, and as soon as he pulls out the EGI fuse, it blows. So theres obviously a problem there some where. Did a small test where I put speaker wire in the fuse, put the wire together and it sparks/burns off. Tired multiple different things like move around wires then put the wires together again and just does the same thing. Short circuit some where.. Question is. What does the EGI fuse for? Fuel pump? Injectors? Both? Could it be abit of frayed wiring some where within the car? Any wiring diagrams that I should get that would be a help to an auto electrictian? Any other suggestions? Any help would be highly appreciated!!!!!! Cheers
  12. what pre work are you using?

    Whiteflood by Controlled Labs!! Insane energy boost, no crash after heavy workout, focus 100%, huge pumps and veins show like crazy and makes me feel like throwing weight around! But theres nothing like loud heavy metal music
  13. Final destination as in Harry's at Parra or Olympic Park ...thanks for the help anyway WPLASH.
  14. Has the final destination been finalised? Im working that night until 9.45pm and I work near the city. Hoping its in Olympic Park
  15. **Spotted Thread**

    Spotted a fkn sexy white s13 with chrome looking lights and a ducktail on the kingsway this morning about 6.30am / spotted that white sexy wide body 180 opposite flower power at taren point and a bright orange 1200 near gymea on the kingsway. cars are fuuuarrken noiiice