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  1. S15 battery light

    could be anything really. whenever i've had flat batteries in the s15 i haven't seen the battery light come on at all though. or any car i've had for that matter.
  2. S15 battery light

    mate, you should get your alternator checked out asap. If that dies and your battery goes flat while you're driving, that would be really dangerous.
  3. Sedan... do we pay more because of this?
  4. Mobile Auto Electricians

    Just sent you a PM. Cheers mate
  5. Mobile Auto Electricians

    Where abouts is the starter motor located in the s15? Is it accessible and can be changed without a hoist?
  6. Mobile Auto Electricians

    Any contacts guys?
  7. Hey all, Got a bit of a dilema. I've got a 2001 Nissan 200sx that doesn't want to start. The last few times it started before it died, sometimes it would crank over slowly and eventually turn on. Other times it would switch on normally. This lasted for about a week and a half before it decided to shit itself and not start at all. All my electrics work but when i turn the key, i hear a single click noise and that's it. I thought it may have been the battery so i replaced it with a brand new one only to discover the same issue. From the people i've spoken to, they all seem to think the starter motor may have died. Now, being non mechanically or technically minded, can anyone point me to a reputable mobile auto electrican to check out my car and diagnose the proeblem? Cheers.
  8. HID lighting

    had 6k and it was okay... blew a bulb and got another set of 6k's in but these ones were REALLY blue for some reason. ditched those and got 4.3k. big difference at night. 4.3k ftw
  9. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted two s15's parked next to mine at windang on sunday. both jdm. one red with no skirts, LED lights. one white, kitted, LED lights, rims.
  10. Video of my headunit install on S15

    awesome vid. good work on salivating lol
  11. get the top ones. would look better on a black s15.
  12. Who's going fishing tonight?/

    so that's windang island!!!!!!!!!! i always fished from the 1st breakwall, 2nd being the one closest to windang island... wow. might have to go extra early and check it out. is windang island more suited to beach rods? im only bringing a light 7ft 2-5 kg rod tomorrow. using 4lb and 10lb spools.
  13. Who's going fishing tonight?/

    where is windang island? and do you remember the st name these wharves run off? I'm going tomorrow morning to try out some new HB lures i bought. if they're no good i'll flick some squidgies around and hope for a flatty
  14. strikeforce taipan

    nope woulda been over a long time ago if it were just a two month op
  15. Who's going fishing tonight?/

    i only have light spin gear atm so from the beach i only fish the channel that runs into the lake. live beachworms kill it with the whiting. pretty good sized whiting there. will be trying windang this long weekend. got a new combo to pop