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  1. A lot of the other posts were deleted because they had quoted and commented on some of the previous posts with abuse and name calling, and were generally of a negative nature. Like I said if you don't think you want his advice then fine but don't go shutting him down because you have decided to judge his knowledge by his photos. If he had offered dodgy advice and so on then different story. All Christian has done is offered his services. GT-RZ could you please elaborate on what world records he was going for? I personally know about 10 people with world records, doesn't mean shit. There are world records and then there are world records. Having seen some MASSIVE lifts with my own eyes before, the way he pulled 695kg x 10 that easily is a HUGE effort.I don't think you understand how a big a lift that is. It would put him with the elite, and probably quite easily one of the best deadlifters in the world especially at that bodyweight. Look I might be wrong, and I can admit if I am, but that is a MASSIVE lift and having some personal knowledge on powerlifting, makes me question the validity of the lift.
  2. Guys, I just deleted a shit load of posts because it was starting to get out of hand. If you don't find DRIFTKID your cup of tea then fine, keep quiet and stay out of the thread. There's no need to to ruin the thread and bag him or his business.
  3. Just off topic a little but I call bullshit on the 700lb for 10 reps. If he did that, that is a world class effort. I know/met some of the strongest guys in the country and I don't think they could do that, let alone some brah in his f**king lounge room. I don't know how no one else picked up on that.
  4. False grip or non-False grip?

    I don't use suicide grip because I'd like to keep my teeth. People do drop bars. That is a fact. I believe the risk versus reward is too great for me to want to use it, however, each to their own.
  5. Post your Gym vids

    Scott, I won't be competing at PR2 anymore, as I haven't been able to train properly because I've been really busy with my new job. I should be able to start training again now but it's too late. I've also been carrying a few little injuries.
  6. Post your Gym vids

    Guys, i've removed Buschy's video and i've also issued a couple of warnings to people for attacking other members. We might not all agree or even like each other but there's no need to start insulting each other by calling each other "phaggots". Everybody settle down.
  7. Post your Gym vids

    Scott your progress has been PHENOMENAL! Nice lifting dude.
  8. Post your Gym vids

    Guys settle down on the abuse and name calling or otherwise I'll need to issue warnings.
  9. Diet not working too well

    I wasn't going to lock this thread because of the different views to mine. I was going to lock this thread because I could see that this thread was going to get out of hand (i.e. people calling each other idiots and dumbasses). I was always happy to keep it open for debate if it doesn't get out of control.
  10. Diet not working too well

    ...also lions and tigers eat mainly meat and little carbs...that's why they sleep 20 hours per day...because they have no f*cking energy. Clearly your lack of carb intake is affecting your brains' ability to function on par with everyone else...just cram a sammich innit and smarten up. That argument is RETARDED! They're f**king CATS! Compare apples with apples. What gpr180sx is saying is correct. Although it may not be everyone, or you may not function the best mentally, carbs are the only macronutrient that is not essential to the body. I don't believe he ever said you should eat no carbs. I believe he just said that low carb diets work and are NOT dangerous. Generally for keto diets once you cut carbs you need to really up your fat intake. It's not just a matter of cutting carbs. If this retarded-ness continues I'll lock this thread.
  11. Lower back hurst after squats

    WTF?! Did you think before you typed that? Before you arc up, just think about it...
  12. Diets..

    I can't believe people are actually taking this serious. If it was real, this thread would even exceed the stupidity levels expected from this forum. Locking this thread because people can't tell this is an obvious troll.
  13. The poser thread

    Ah oh... you can see how I may have been confused by the picture description being posted 2 months later.
  14. The poser thread

    What picture?
  15. advice on squats...

    No point Even westside training u are doing single reps however u start at 50% of 1rm and end up at 105% U dont just do 1 rep. I don't even know what that means.