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  1. http://wp.me/p2uFB4-vT My walkthrough. Link the pics from it if you think they'll help?
  2. Roll with what your engine builder has told you to do. Forged pistons tend to be harder and take longer to expand/fill the cylinder. If you load it up too much, it might slap the cylinder wall a bit much and ruin your crosshatch/cause ovalling (not sure if that's a word?). Not usually from idling? More from incorrect AFR's and too much fuel in the cylinder not burning? Might not happen as much in a hot engine because the walls are too warm and the fuel vaporises upon impact, but if it's bypassing the rings, you've probably got some issues elsewhere. Having said that, you're right that people should avoid excessive idling. Car engines aren't designed for that.
  3. My Sileighty aka Noah

    ^ Love it. Never been a fan of red calipers. Clean car man. Not too often you see them looking like this.
  4. 4.3:1 and 4.1:1 r200 help please

    As long as the centre is meant to fit an r200 it *should* will be fine. The difference in ratio is changed by the number of teeth on the input spline compared to the number on the crown wheel. So 4.1 turns of the input shaft equate to 1 turn of the crown wheel. Edit: I thought the bolts were all the same. My bad.
  5. Jeremy Clarkson suspended

    I can't see them sacking JC the same way I can't see them cancelling the show even if they did. Top Gear would still make money for at least a season after he leaves and like any major business, they'll keep dragging it on until its beaten black and blue and everyone cringes at the mention of the name. Kinda like when you hear 'blue waffle'. That said, I do enjoy watching it. Shit can be hilarious. Wanted to go to the festival that is coming up, but don't think I can make it
  6. Keep going till you strip it, then a quarter turn back. But seriously, the bolt that has come loose, I would put a smidge of loctite on before doing up again to prevent re-occurence. I assume you have all adjustable arms? I would just take the car for a wheel alignment and get them to worry about how tight the adjustment nuts have to be.
  7. The one on the passenger side is actually a Relay box. Different to a fuse box. I won't go into exactly how it's different, but I wouldn't recommend extending the loom for it or you'll nullify the point of having the box in the first place. The best place to relocate it is directly underneath the tray it sits on (at least that's my plan, but I'm keeping the splash guards for protection) using a decent joining plug in case you need to remove it for repairs. Look on eBay you'll find some plugs called 'Deutsch Plug'. You'll need the tooling to go with it, so it might be better to talk to an auto leccy who already has all the gear. Properly fitted Deutsch Plugs have f/a current drop across the connection, are weatherproof/heatproof/etc and are the best thing since sliced bread. All mining gear uses them and every leccy I know swears by them.
  8. Sorry to dig up an old thread guys, but has anyone got the pinout for this mod? Or know where to find it? Thanks in advance.
  9. Fair enough. Wasn't the issue though. Apparently some genius had wired the igniter in wrong. Time for a RWC and skids! Winning! :D
  10. Would still fire at idle off boost. Cefiro and r32 ecu's are different, cefiro ones aren't easy to find and usually go for twice as much Too right mate. Adelaide Jap had one there though, but after chucking in a 32 comp, everything else ran fine. Few interior controls chucked a spaz, but still drove on 4.
  11. Bought noid light, injector pulse fine. Swapped computers with a friend's 32, still same issue. Will be promptly giving up and taking it to an auto sparky. Update once it's been worked out. Might not be for a week or two.
  12. Compression tester adapter pipe would go alright you reckon? If i'm honest though, it'll probably go to a shop if it comes to that haha Pulled cam cover, turned motor and everything up top looked to be working properly. Try a new computer this afternoon, and if that fails, a noide? node? light to check injector pulse on Monday. 32 engine might be coming apart to replace the head at this stage. 180 that doesn't make boost now either... I f**king hate nissan's...
  13. After speaking to a few mechanics, they reckon the valves are stuck closed on the exh. side. I'll be pulling the top end apart this weekend to see if I have a rounded lobe or two.
  14. I'll see if I can get a hold of a node light tomorrow. Will report back boss. Is it possible that something is blocking the point of entry for the fuel in 5 and 6? like a munted gasket? That way, it's still dribbling in, but not squirting correctly? I would have thought that it would still fire though?
  15. True that. September 88. Month older than me. I feel sad enough, let alone the poor car haha