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  1. PPG Full 5 Speed Dog Box and short shifter. Paid for PPG to assemble, so the centre plate is epoxy filled as they require. Wouldn't have even done 1000kms. Have been putting a car together for years, but as time went by more things were on special and now the engine has got way out of control. PPG rate this box to 600hp on their website, but it wont cut it for our plans now. The car has turned into an all out drag car when it was going to be a regoed weapon... The box has only been behind an SR with 265 at the tyres and has really been cruised. It has not had oil back in it since it was stripped for first inspection, and all is MINT. Any inspection is fine! The case has not been siliconed back up so you can have a look for yourself:) Is a sensation to drive with. $6500, Located in Brisbane Phone: 0412 47 44 77 Email: dean@ctts.com.au