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  1. Gym wankers

    ^^ Naturally skinny guys with abs who don't train and take pictures showing off there abs. The ones who boast about them are annoying as hell, yet there arms are like twigs and no muscle defintion anywhere else.
  2. Gym wankers

    Skinny mates who started gym as the same time as me who when started say they want to go flat out yet rarely go and have the nerve to tell me my flaws when i am the one in there 5 days a week and gained 7kg in 6 months, compared to their once every 3 weeks cardio session with no fitness gain. "Thighs are looking a little bit thin compared to the top half" Motivation to keep pushing and showing them what they could be. /end rant!
  3. Gym wankers

    ^^ It is funny to watch! There is one PT at my gym, his skinny fat and not a handsome fellow either, runs the odd cardio class. Wherever there is a girl doing weights or on a treadmill he is there to "assist" them. Legit, every girl, never seen him go upto one guy. Really annoys me!
  4. Gym wankers

    Listening to 16 year olds who weigh 35kg trying to PT other 16 year olds who weigh 35kg. Yet all there infomation is wrong.
  5. Gym wankers

    Go on, train in a thong. I go to the gym to train, I don't give a shit what people wear tbh. But I don't go to the gym to see guys with their bits out. So at least have the decency and respect to wear enough clothing that I don't have to see the sweat dripping over your nipples every time you walk past. It's just not right. You wanna do that kind shit, go to a Trance event/festival, or go man-hug with your sweaty buddies at home. Not in a bloody gym. The actual "body builders" at my gym, I see them wear T-shirts and sometimes singlets. And they don't go walking around with their titties out. You obviously care about it from what follows that bold sentance. So just drop it and get back on topic.
  6. Goals This Year

    November 2011 176cm 71kg 13% Pretty much skinny fat and hated it April 2012 - 6 months later 176cm 77kg unknown bf % Had a bit of a binge for the past 2-3 weeks and its all gone to my lower abs and i am hating it! I never had abs so to have them it is a big plus! - My aim now is to lower my bf% while still trying to gain muscle Happy but never satisfied!
  7. Goals This Year

    no big goals for me, height is 176cm at 72kg so my aim is just to be more toned by summer, started training and eating properly for about 2 weeks now and can already notice the difference! cant wait to see the difference in a month
  8. so, i brought a Zed....

    mr ouch hasn't updated this yetttttt, the 300z is know written off. let josh give the full details
  9. so, i brought a Zed....

    is a nice looking car, the a/c was an easy fix after i pulled out all the dodgy wiring haha. and my s15 is a '00 not a '99
  10. earth on one side and the other gets positive so when you push the horn button there is power in that wire. simple as that
  11. Battery in Boot

    if it is hard enough to cut through 00 gauge wire thats ran along with brake lines then shouldn't you be worried about brake lines getting cut as well?
  12. making my s15 non turbo

    buyy my car instead
  13. Battery in Boot

    cars that come with the battery in the boot from factory is legal no matter how they are boxed etc they pass standards. its legal to be in the boot even if the car didn't come like that from factory, it just has to be secured and venting to the atmosphere. my battery in boot passes road worthy fine. i'm an auto elec, put mine in my boot for my intake swap on my n/a s15, used 00 gauge cable, real fat stuff, make sure you run the cable up high and near the brake lines as there in a safe place. took me an hour, all ya need is, -cable -distribution block -lots of cable ties and some P clips -battery box -battery -battery terminals