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  1. yashio factory coilpack loom

    The yashio loom fixed my issues. Had bad misfire under boost, dud coil pack, still had shitty idle and slight misfire occasionally until I put the yashio loom in.
  2. WTB Set of Springs for 180sx

    I have nismo front springs and 5zigen rears with fresh standard shocks. wasn't heaps low but lower than stock. In newcastle.
  3. Fuel pump issues

    i had dramas until i rewired mine, google 040 rewire 180sx or something and you should find the guide i used
  4. were can I learn to drif in Newcastle

    skid pan and figure 8 at eastern creek/sydney motorsport park. driving sports and drift mob runs days/nights reasonably regularly.
  5. Shared workshop?

    hmm, sounds interesting, security would be the biggest concern i guess, heaps of dudes knowing about it and several people with keys etc. still interested though.
  6. Responsive problems?

    i had the same thing, same set up with nisstune, things that helped were cleaning as many earths as possible, making some extra earths, new battery, rewiring walbro fuel pump (google how to,easy), replace vac hoses even if they look fine, clean AFM with that proper spray, replace fuel filter regularly and check intercooler piping. mine feels rad now.
  7. what hose? after the reg or the tank cap one?
  8. Oval Exhaust System

    yeah i just did some calcs too, it seems the area decreases the flatter you go
  9. Oval Exhaust System

    its the same circumference for a 3" tube no matter what shape, but shape may affect flow depending on how squashed it is, like if you flatten it to a 1mm slit it's not going to flow too well.
  10. The ARDC and EC thread

    I actually didn't enter pan and peanut because i thought id would be way too packed due to the 100 cap and slightly the price, though it was more time than usual.
  11. sr20 torque damper

    I had one before i put the hardrace engine and gearbox mounts in, it just makes noise and not much better response, the mounts are a better upgrade but the dampener is ok until you could be bothered doing your mounts.
  12. bosch 040 install

    Made a huge difference in mine, i think mine was half fried from needing more current. Just search for the guide and follow it.
  13. bam's f%#kface unstoppable tour!

    http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/2013/01/22/16/02/sea-plane-upside-down-near-geelong hopefully still on....
  14. 180sx missing

    Post in your local section and see if anyone can help you out with a quick swap
  15. 180sx missing

    coilpacks shit themselves, gotta swap them out for known working ones, almost definitely the problem, i had the same thing happen.