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  1. if i was to buy one then i would buy the silver or black. but for this i voted that Pewter colour I have seen a lot of bayside blue GTR's and not enough of the other colours
  2. Ceffy Exhaust...

    tell me about it i got mine done at an exhaust place as i was getting a few other bits done so was worthwhile getting them to do it. but sure does make the car a whole lot slower. cant wait to take the damn thing out once out of regency
  3. Ceffy Exhaust...

    or do what i did and go to an exhaust place and get them to make a plate that goes between the flange a few little holes and walllla....my exhaust is so quiet and ristrictive that it barely makes any decent boost lol but that saves you going and getting a stock exhaust...this way its a plate in and plate out job....$40 max
  4. Happy Bday Iron Chef

    Happy bday Chef.....have a good one mate
  5. UPDATED:Car accident last night

    what car do you drive champ?......my advice is dont get a car and ride a pushbike if you cannot afford insurance mate.....I am sorry if i am sounding real harsh but i just hate people without insurance on the roads....they should make it like in the US where you have to insurance......
  6. what's the stupidest thing you've done recently!

    i have a similar story as that.....me and my cuz got really really wacked once and went into maccas to get some food......we looked at each other and couldnt stop laughing let alone decide what to get......1hr and half hours later we finally get out of the place with food....funny thing we got a few numbers in that hr or so...
  7. Birthday

    hahha gold.....bet dave didnt get any that night lol
  8. Microsoft Tech

    thats a very typical microsoft answer.....
  9. Office Stuff

    now thats some funny shit

    lol nice nice
  11. Rat Statue

    hahaha now that was funny as ........ i was looking to get the full story behind it but i guess thats a good enough ending
  12. Old people

    hahahha good read
  13. HAHAH...Urine Sample

    now that is some funny shit.....good read during lunch break
  14. Lolcatz!

    LMAO now that monorail cat looks similar to garfield.....lol
  15. How much money do u spend a week?

    i end up spending all of my wages most weeks.....but as of this week its all going to change and i should start saving up a bit....petrol costs me a lot